Molecular ecology and evolution

Murphy lab

The Molecular Biodiversity Group


PhD Students

  • Jude Hatley – Phylogeography of alpine crustaceans
  • Zac Billingham – Biomonitoring in freshwater systems
  • Laura Woodings (with Jan Strugnell LTU) – Population connectivity in marine lobsters
  • Joshua Grubb (with Heloise Gibb LTU) – Recovery of terrestrial invertebrates following fire
  • Seb Buckingham (with Heloise Gibb LTU) – 'Refuges for invertebrate biodiversity in fire prone landscapes.'

Honours Students

  • James Anderson (with Michael Shackleton MDFRC) – Impact of the Mitta Dam on invertebrate connectivity
  • Cassie King (with Rick Stoffels MDFRC) – Connectivity of 2-spine blackfish
  • Daniel Laird – eDNA and burrowing crayfish