Animal behaviour

Peters Lab

Group leader

Associated staff

Postgraduate Students

nicole_butlerMs Nicole Butler,
Doctor of Philosophy (Zoology)

"My research investigates the anti-predator response of zebra finches, and their ability to eavesdrop on the alarm calls of other bird species."

jose_ramosMr Jose Ramos,
Doctor of Philosophy (Zoology)

"My research investigates motion-based communication in agamid lizards and how it is affected by habitat structure."

Ms Andrea E. Narvaez G.,
Doctor of Philosophy (Zoology)

"My research is in the evolution of colour and motion signalling of Anolis species from Ecuador."

Honours student

Ms Lydia Rehnberg

Past students

Ms Emma Birnbaum (Honours – 2010-2011)
Ms Christine Giuliano (Honours – 2011-2012)
Ms Katy Weller (Honours – 2011-2012)