Professor Mike Clarke discusses the Ecological Illiteracy Crisis on La Trobe University Big Fat Ideas

The Ecological Illiteracy Crisis

Upcoming Event - November 16th 2018

Future Landscapes for People and Nature - Symposium

by Research Centre for Future Landscapes, La Trobe University

What will the future hold for people and nature conservation in regional Australia? What are the key drivers of future change? How will they affect the way people live, the environments they live in, the conservation of biodiversity, and the priorities for natural resource management?

This symposium will be an inspirational and visionary day of speakers, networking and discussion, on possible futures for regional Australia. Leading thinkers and practitioners will present their visions of change for rural and regional Australia over the coming decade and beyond. Facilitated panel discussions will provide an opportunity for further dialogue and debate.

Free registration, lunch and refreshments provided. Tickets via Eventbrite.

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La Trobe News

What makes you a man or a woman?

How does 'maleness' or 'femaleness' develop in a human embryo?

Our complicated relationship with bats

Review of Bat, by Tessa Laird

La Trobe reaches Eureka finals

La Trobe researchers finalists in 2018 Australian Museum Eureka Prize

Conserving Cambodia's crocodiles

Drs McInerney and Shackleton are working in Cambodia to assess release sites for endangered crocodiles.

New solution to rural doctor shortage

End-to-end rural medical program in Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga and Shepparton

Curious kids

Do animals sleep like people? Do snails sleep in their shells?

Kids: genes they do and don't inherit

Kids’ learning and health is shaped by genes they do and don’t inherit

Habitat destruction favours the mediocre

Research shows habitat destruction having an impact on animal species

Animation meets biology

Shedding new light on animal behaviour

Professor wins top science prize

Professor Jenny Graves wins Prime Minister's Prize for Science

EEE Seminars

We host weekly seminars throughout the year, with a diverse range of Australian and international speakers. Seminars take place at 12 pm on Wednesdays unless otherwise stated - all welcome. Check back regularly for updates, new speakers and seminar titles.

Semester Two, 2018
July 25th ELT2 Sleeping in a society of honey bees: The tale of a sleep-deprived dancer and her unwitting followers, and the search for insect dreams. Barrett Klein University of Wisconsin
Aug 8th ELT2 Winners and losers: an entertainment about extinction. Greg Jordan University of Tasmania
Aug 15th ELT2 Restoration of Native Fish Populations in South Eastern Australia Jarod Lyon Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research
Aug 22ndELT 2Cocoa Production - the Global Problem and the LaTrobe Cocoa Project in Papua New GuineaPhil KeaneLa Trobe University
Aug 29th  ELT2 Dissolved organic carbon in freshwaters
differs and its effect on metal toxicity
Aleicia Holland La Trobe University
Sept 12th ELT2 TBA (plant phosphorous acquisition) Hans Lamers University of Western Australia
Sept 19th ELT2 How do nomadic waterbirds find water in the desert? Andy Bennett Deakin University
Oct 3rdELT2Behavioural responses to a changing world: evolutionary and ecological consequencesBob WongMonash University
Thurs Oct 4th, 12 pmELT4Assessing responses to global warming: from individual through to biogeographic responsesAndrew NigelUniversity of New England
Oct 10th ELT2 Anty-warfare and tactical shifts in predator-prey interactionsMatthew BulbertMacquarie University
Oct 17th ELT2 How fireproof are Australia’s eucalypt forests? Luke Collins La Trobe University / Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research
Oct 24th ELT2 TBA Adam Miller Deakin University
Semester One, 2018 - now ended
March 14th WLT3 Sleeping in the sea, sleeping in the air John Lesku La Trobe University
March 21st WLT3 Applied ecology for land management outcomes in central Australia: Lessons from participatory research with Aboriginal stakeholders Ashley Sparrow Arthur Rylah Institue for Environmental Research
March 28th WLT3 Promoting biodiversity in disturbed landscapes Dale Nimmo Charles Sturt University
April 11th WLT3
What is ecosystem condition, and how can we measure it? Using stakeholder evaluations to
quantify the condition of Woodlands, grasslands & deserts in Australia and Mongolia.
Steve Sinclair Arthur Rylah Institue for Environmental Research
May 2nd WLT3 Sex determination in a warming world: how altered climates may affect the genome, biology and survival of reptiles Claire Holleley CSIRO National Facilities and Collections, Canberra
May 16th WLT3 Regulation of Evaporative Water Loss by Mammals and Birds Christine Cooper Curtin University
May 23rd WLT3 Implications of maternal effects and individual variation for conservation Elissa Cameron University of Canterbury
May 30th WLT3 Neural and genomic correlates of deep and wake-like sleep in Drosophila flies Bruce van Swinderen The University of Queensland

Radio and News Articles

Newspaper articles

PhD student Simon Verdon and his research on mallee emu wrens  in the news - Saving Australia's Angriest Bird from Itself - The Age

Assoc. Prof. Heloise Gibb is in the news with her research "Habitat Loss Leaving Planet with only Mediocre Ants, Study Finds"

Mountain Ecosystems undergraduate field trip and Mountain Pygmy Possums in the news. "Possums' tale of survival" - The Border Mail.

Botany field trip students at work "La Trobe University Students Rejuvenate Wimmera Vegetation" - The Wimmera Mail Times.

Radio podcasts and interviews

with members of the Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution:

The Conversation

The Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution has several staff members who contribute to The Conversation, an independent news source, whose content is supplied by academics and researchers. The following staff feature on The Conversation: