Nature Advisory Botanical Scholarship

EEE are excited to announce a new honours scholarship for students undertaking an honours year in the department, with a focus on field botany and plant identification.

Nature Advisory is one of Australia’s leading specialist ecological consultancies, advising government, private and corporate clients how to address the requirements of Australia’s biodiversity regulations.  Commonwealth, state and local government regulations control how development projects of any type can affect biodiversity and require them to ensure their impacts are avoided where possible, or minimised and offset.  Nature Advisory undertakes scientific impact assessments, works with developers to apply these principles and prepares technical reports that accompany development applications.  This sector is now one of the largest employers of botanists and zoologists in the country.

To reflect its commitment to develop excellent environmental professionals, Nature Advisory is proud to support La Trobe University in offering a scholarship to support the professional development of passionate, young botanists.

This scholarship comprises both a stipend and a contribution to research costs to a total of $15 000. Importantly, the research project supported must require the recipient to continue developing excellent plant identification skills.  Subject to academic performance, the candidate will be eligible to apply for a 12-month position with Nature Advisory.

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Semester Two, 2019
July 31st TBA TBA Timm Doebert University of Alberta, Canada
August 7th TBA TBA Gisela Kaplan University of New England, Armidale
August 14th TBA TBA Shauni Omond & Alicia Dimovski Dept EEE, La Trobe University
August 21st TBA TBA Prof. Andy Herries Dept Archaeology & History, La Trobe University
August 28th TBA TBA Marcel Cardillo Australian National University
September 4th TBA TBA Barbara Downes University of Melbourne
September 11th TBA TBA Pia Lentini University of Melbourne
September 18th TBA TBA Simon Jarman University of Western Australia
September 25th TBA TBA Francesco Martoni Agriculture Victoria/La Trobe University
October 9th TBA TBA Rohan Clarke Monash University
October 23rd TBA TBA Heloise Gibb Dept EEE, La Trobe University

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