Nature Advisory Botanical Scholarship

EEE are excited to announce a new honours scholarship for students undertaking an honours year in the department, with a focus on field botany and plant identification.

Nature Advisory is one of Australia’s leading specialist ecological consultancies, advising government, private and corporate clients how to address the requirements of Australia’s biodiversity regulations.  Commonwealth, state and local government regulations control how development projects of any type can affect biodiversity and require them to ensure their impacts are avoided where possible, or minimised and offset.  Nature Advisory undertakes scientific impact assessments, works with developers to apply these principles and prepares technical reports that accompany development applications.  This sector is now one of the largest employers of botanists and zoologists in the country.

To reflect its commitment to develop excellent environmental professionals, Nature Advisory is proud to support La Trobe University in offering a scholarship to support the professional development of passionate, young botanists.

This scholarship comprises both a stipend and a contribution to research costs to a total of $15 000. Importantly, the research project supported must require the recipient to continue developing excellent plant identification skills.  Subject to academic performance, the candidate will be eligible to apply for a 12-month position with Nature Advisory.

Professor Mike Clarke discusses the Ecological Illiteracy Crisis on La Trobe University Big Fat Ideas

The Ecological Illiteracy Crisis

Other research news and seminars

La Trobe News

Fish microbial communities in the Amazon River Basin

New research reveals that fish skin and gut microbiomes respond differently to species and habitat-specific factors

Flying start for renewable fuels project

Promising crop trial results for renewable energy project

Putting natural capital on farm accounts

Project to improve the environmental performance of farms

La Trobe A-W expert wins national awards

Dr Aleicia Holland recognised for her freshwater ecosystems research

Scorpions a clue to restoring ecosystems

Native scorpions are thriving in Australia’s sandy landscape

Lyrebirds: nature's ecosystem engineers

Lyrebirds can move more soil than any other land animal globally

Conserving Victoria's alpine stoneflies

The unique alpine stonefly will get a boost from La Trobe research

Artificial light keeps birds up at night

Light pollution keeps magpies and pigeons tossing and turning

Threatened species on brink since fires

Researchers reveal damage caused by the catastrophic 2019-20 bushfires

EEE Seminars

The DEEE seminar series for 2021 will follow on from the success of 2020, and be delivered via Zoom.   

We have an exciting line up with speakers from Victoria, interstate and overseas.  Seminars are on Wednesdays and begin at 12 pm  unless otherwise indicated. A link to a recording of each seminar will be posted below after the seminar.

Click this link to join the Zoom. You will need a password - please contact  Prof. Heloise Gibb, seminar coordinator.

Semester One -  2021

DateSpeakerTopicRecording link
March 3rdMeghan Castelli, University of Canberra

Temperature sex reversal and evolving thermal thresholds in the wild

Watch Meghan's seminar

March 10th

One Pagan, West Cheshire UniversityAnimals and IntoxicationWatch One's seminar
March 17thAngie Haslem, DEEE La Trobe University

Tracking the recovery of bird communities following restoration in agricultural environments: insights from a multi-scale, long-term study

Watch Angie's seminar
March 24th Alejandro Ordonez, Aarhus UniversityRising Novelty in Ecosystems and ClimatesWatch Alejandro's Seminar
March 31stDenise Fernando, DEEE La Trobe University

Black box, the iconic Murray Darling Basin eucalypt: nutrition through flooding

Watch Denise's seminar

April 14th

David Nash, University of Brighton, UK

Geochemical fingerprinting the sarsen stones at Stonehenge

Watch David's seminar
April 21stChris Reid, The Australian Museum, NSW

The leaf beetles and why they are important

Watch Chris' seminar
April 28thAkane Uesugi, RMIT

Rapid evolution of drought resistance in invasive capeweed

Watch Akane's seminar
May 5thAndre Siebers, Centre for Freshwater Ecology, La Trobe University

Towards an improved understanding of biogeochemical processes across surface-groundwater interactions in intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams

May 12thLars Brudvig, Michigan State University, USA

Restoration of longleaf pine savannas in the southeastern United States

May 19thAmanda Franklin, University of Melbourne

Why are beetles so brilliant? Vision and colour of Australian beetles

May 26thKatherine Moseby, University of New South Wales

Conservation of Australian mammals

The Conversation

The Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution has several staff members who contribute to The Conversation, an independent news source, whose content is supplied by academics and researchers. The following staff feature on The Conversation:

News Archive

Here you will find links to recordings of DEEE seminars from 2020 which were presented via Zoom.

Semester Two -  2020

Date Speaker Topic Seminar recording link
July 22nd Jen Wood
La Trobe University 

Cross talk between microbial ecology and the rest of ecology

Watch Jen Wood's seminar
July 29th Richard Fuller
University of Queensland        

The importance of urban green space for biodiversity and human health and wellbeing

Watch Richard Fuller's seminar
Aug 5th Rebecca McIntosh
Phillip Island NP 
Using drones, Citizen Science and fur seals for healthy oceans Watch Rebecca McIntosh's seminar
Aug 12th Ursula Ellenberg
Eudyptes EcoConsulting Ltd. 

Seabird conservation research between midnight sun and shadowlands

Watch Ursula Ellenberg's seminar
Aug 19th Jim Radford
La Trobe University 

Does regenerative agriculture benefit biodiversity?

Watch Jim Radford's seminar
Aug 26th Rachael Gallagher
Maquarie University 
Conservation biogeography: assessing the vulnerability of plants in a rapidly changing world Watch Rachael Gallagher's seminar
Sept 9th Rachel Nolan
University of Western Sydney 

Towards prediction and quantification of bushfire impacts in Australian forests

Watch Rachel Nolan's seminar (La Trobe accounts only)
Sept 16th Daniel Blumstein
Conservation biology - the fearful perspective Watch Daniel Blumstein's seminar
Sept 23rd Philip Barton
Federation University
Exploring the necrobiome Watch Philip Barton's seminar
Sept 30th
Johnathan Green
University of Liverpool, UK
Constraints, challenges and consequences for seabirds: Insights from ecological energetics Watch Jonathan Green's seminar

October 7th
10 am

Ana Davidson
Colorado State University

Bological roles and conservation challenges of burrowing mammals in the world's grasslands

Watch Ana Davidson's seminar
October 14th Eleanor Slade, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Using trait-based ecology to study responses of insects along environmental gradients Watch Eleanor Slade's seminar

Semester One 2020

Date Speaker Topic Seminar recording link
May 6th Prof. Jenny Graves, La Trobe University "Australian animals reveal how sex determination works and how it evolved" Jenny Graves Seminar
May 13th

April Reside, University of Queensland

Death by a thousand cuts: conservation challenges for the Black-throated finch, and what this means for Australia’s environmental law reform

April Reside Seminar
May 20th

Adriana Verges, University of New South Wales

Operation Crayweed and Operation Posidonia: engaging the public to restore underwater forests and meadows

Adriana Verges Seminar
May 27th

Kerry Fanson, La Trobe University

Animal physiology

Kerry Fanson Seminar
June 3rd

Ewen Silvester, La Trobe University

'Good, don’t call me good’: assessing peatland function and condition from seasonal patterns and event response.

Ewen Silvester Seminar