Herbs and spices treatment for obesity and hypertension

Technology description

spicesLa Trobe University researchers have screened a large number of culinary herbs and spices used commonly in cooking for active components for anti-hypertensive and anti-obesity potential. Based on the activity of the herbs and spices screened and dose response studies in mice, we have formulated a mixture of herbs and spices that may be effective in the treatment of obesity and hypertension. We have successfully conducted one clinical trial using these herb and spice mixtures, which resulted in a significant decrease in blood pressure in hypertensive participants. In addition, by using another formulated herb and spice mixture the research team has documented a significant decrease in body fat percentages in the test subjects. The research team are currently conducting a second larger clinical trial with these supplements to ensure replicability of results.

Key benefits

  • Significant reduction in blood pressure in hypertensive participants within 3-6 months
  • Significant reduction in body fat percentage in overweight and obese participants within 6 months.


  • These herb and spice capsules offer a nutraceutical approach to treatment of hypertension and obesity
  • This will provide an alternative to pharmacological approaches for these health conditions.

The opportunity

This technology is available at no cost as an Easy Access License to companies and individuals.

Contact us

For more information contact the Project Manager:

Natalia Alvarez Lopez
Senior Commercialisation Coordinator
E: Natalia.Alvarez@latrobe.edu.au
Ref: TEC2011/120

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