How does EAIP work?

The EAIP triage system sorts projects into:

  • commercially valuable projects (based on a nominal value of  more then $1M)
  • projects suitable for EAIP using normal commercial methods (see if your invention is right for EAIP).

Licensees obligations

In return for access to intellectual property (IP) via an EAIP Licence, licensees must:

  1. demonstrate how they will create value for society and the economy
  2. acknowledge the University (researchers) as the originator(s) of the intellectual property
  3. report annually on progress in the development of the EAIP
  4. agree that if the IP is not exploited within 3 years, the EAIP Licence will be revoked
  5. agree that there will be no limitations on the University's use of the IP for its own research.

Ongoing reporting is a means of sustaining dialogue conversation between researchers and licensees.

For more information, visit and read the following documents: