What is Easy Access IP?

Easy Acess IP logoEasy Access IP (EAIP) is a system that helps resolve the complexity of traditional technology transfer. It makes valuable ideas and discoveries available to industry.

Technologies need long-term and sustainable commercial value in the market to be attractive to industry. However, many technologies within the University are only partly developed or do not have obvious commercial value. This means that it is not viable to protect them by means of patents.

As an international partner of the Easy Access Innovation initiative, La Trobe is working together with UNSW Australia and co‐founding partners King's College London and the Universities of Glasgow and Bristol. Together, Easy Access Innovation universities promote new ways of sharing intellectual property and adopting new approaches to make it easier for universities and industry to work together.

Benefits of EAIP

  • relationships between the University, industry partners and researchers are positive because there is full transparency.
  • the EAIP licensee will normally want to sustain and grow relationships, leading to consultancy, research collaborations and other engagements.
  • the knowledge within the University is being disseminated and put to use to benefit industry and society.
  • researcher engagement with technology users is increased.