La Trobe Framework

The La Trobe Framework has been designed to integrate elements contributing to the development of distinctive capabilities of our graduates and to provide them with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills so that they are work-ready, world-ready and future-ready. The Framework builds on the Design for Learning (DfL) project initiated in 2009, which has been a significant program of curriculum review and renewal to provide measurable indicators of student learning and student success. The DfL project has also prompted a review of the University's orientation program, the implementation of policies and a First Year Experience Plan and the provision of dedicated support for commencing students, including academic and language support. In 2013, the DfL project is nearing completion and has laid a very valuable foundation for further work on the 'Radical Learning Project', the 'Essentials', 'Learning Enrichment' and the 'Hallmark Program'. This foundation will also enable La Trobe to move reasonably quickly to take advantage of opportunities available through new technologies.

The Essentials

Ensuring that students are future-ready though significant exposure to the La Trobe Essentials – Global Citizenship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Thinking.

Graduate capabilities

Four consolidated domains and sets of skills including Literacies and Communication Skills; Inquiry and Analytical Skills; Personal and Professional Skills; and Discipline-specific Knowledge and Skills.

Learning Enrichment

Opportunities for all students to participate in innovation and application in the workplace, study abroad, and become involved in research and development projects and enriching partnerships.

Radical learning

Re-imagining learning at La Trobe through new pedagogical approaches, rich educational technologies, online educational resources and blended learning.