The team at the Developmental Neuromotor & Cognition Lab have broad research interests in the development of executive function, dual-task processing and motor control, especially the effects of early cerebellar dysfunction on motor, cognitive and affective outcomes across the lifespan.

We explore these interests using a range of motor, gait, posture and neuroimaging technologies in several model disorders of cerebellar dysfunction including Williams syndrome, autism, Friedreich ataxia and fragile X premutation.

Another line of research focuses on the impact of variations in oxytocin on structure and function of the amygdala as related to anxiety, social and emotional functioning in Williams syndrome, social anxiety and autism, as well as in typical development.

Working with us

If you are interested in working in the lab as a research assistant, honours student, PhD student or postdoctoral fellow, please contact Dr Darren Hocking by email: d.hocking@latrobe.edu.au.