Maia Blair

Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bendigo

This artwork is a series of six collages, that move through moments and feelings of life that we all experience and feel, whether it is welcome or not. These moments and feelings are presented through the use of sourced  images, grouped to express a feeling of devastation, chaos, heartache, loss, and fear. The images used within this series where sourced from a mix of magazines and books from op shops and my home. I also used  images from a 1970s encyclopedia collection from my nan and pop.

Within the first collage, the images are bright and colourful. The artwork displays happiness. The overall collage appears to show societal views and expectations of life; as women in the kitchen and taking care of the house, couples happily married, joyful families spending time on vacation, and overall spending time together.

Moving through the collages the images gradually become distressing, chaotic, and gruesome, forming a more hectic, realistic deception of life.
The process in creating this series took experimentation of how to truly express these ideas in a somewhat clear readable manner, through the placement of the images; a placement that captures the attention and provokes thoughts around the relationship between these images inviting the viewer to reflect on imperfection and vulnerability.

Image gallery