Liam Menzies

Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bendigo

My practice explores parallels of fractalization in nature and words. I am interested in how ideas fractalize as a generative process against the linearity and predictability of language.

Through verbal conversation, Facebook conversations, voice memos, Discord conversations, voice recordings and emails, I started sharing with a participant an artistic material. This began with the concept of grass within a gallery space, representative of the connection between human interaction and nature and the influences humankind has over nature.

As a repetitive process, the individual is asked what the main idea for utilising this material or subject matter would be. They are then asked to suggest an alternative way of representing this idea, theme or concept. The resulting concepts/words are then passed on to the next person.

The installation of my artwork combines a mixture of many of the ideas that were suggested throughout the collaborative development of the artwork.

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