Kimberley Sprake

Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bendigo

Nomophobia is the clinical name for the fear of being without a smartphone. In this series I explore the destruction of life through technology – specifically the impact of social media use via smartphones.

Through portrait photography using a macro lens and experimental light sources, this series captures the irresistible and dangerous allure of social-media apps on a smartphone.

The fragmentation of the body represents the disconnection from our selves and our environment.

A logo amalgamates with the flesh of a youthful cheek, claiming ownership of beauty. Another logo extrudes through the vitreous body of an eye, pushing through the cornea resulting in a blindness to everything save what can be seen through a screen.

Plump lips – sculpted to satisfy an audience of followers – apply one more coat of gloss before taking to the ‘stage’.

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