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This specialisation encompasses the work of academics working in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. There has been growing recognition of the importance of taking an entrepreneurial approach to business, and this specialisation focuses on the linkage between entrepreneurship and performance, taking into account both profit and not-for-profit, and government, perspectives.

The role of innovation in society is a key focus of this specialisation, as it encompasses creativity and emerging thought leadership. Both large multinationals and small businesses are examined using local, regional and international examples.

The areas of entrepreneurship studied include:

  • technology and entrepreneurship
  • social entrepreneurship
  • corporate entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurial financing
  • new venture creation
  • family business
  • international entrepreneurship
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship
  • gender issues in entrepreneurship
  • sport entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurship education
  • entrepreneurial universities
  • transition economies
  • senior entrepreneurship
  • minority entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurship ecosystems .

The key areas of innovation examined include:

  • technological innovation
  • social innovation
  • crowdfunding
  • leadership and innovation
  • sport innovation
  • regional innovation
  • cultural innovation
  • cloud computing
  • creativity and improvisation.

Innovation is analysed using a comparative approach to bring in different perspectives of business practice to engage in topical debates about future managerial relevance.

An interdisciplinary perspective of entrepreneurship and innovation is taken to link creativity with arts, business, science, media, journalism, technology, sociology, law, engineering and health. The specialisation encompasses education research, business practices and governmental drivers that affect entrepreneurship and innovation.

If you are interested in finding out more about our research interests, or wish to get in touch, please contact Professor Alex Maritz E: or Associate Professor Vanessa Ratten E:

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Innovations in marketing

The marketing group specialise in innovations in marketing by being proactive and responding to new areas and new issues in marketing, including international marketing and export through an innovation lens.

Our work has identified the following areas for focus and building expertise:

  • sustainability/green marketing including energy consumption
  • social marketing as an innovative response to health behaviour and poverty reduction
  • branding, especially responding to challenges such as counterfeiting
  • international marketing
  • relationship marketing
  • social media marketing.

An emerging area of interest is in the analytics of consumer responses.

The marketing group works at the macro and micro level and in for-profit, non-profit and government sectors, with special interest in Asia.

If you are interested in finding out more about our research interests, or wish to get in touch, please contact Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort E:

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Innovations in business information systems

The business information systems group specialises in social innovation and service innovation in the context of future of work using ICT devices like social robots, wearable sensors, tablets and smart phones. Its research activities are underpinned in strong community and industry engagement, nationally and internationally, in the following areas:

  • aged care and dementia
  • intellectual disability and special needs
  • human resource management
  • education
  • internet of things
  • knowledge management  and business intelligence
  • big data analytics.

The above research activities are channelled through its Research Centre on Computers, Communication and Social Innovation.

Our activities in disruptive innovation have been widely reported  and applied in several countries.

If you are interested in finding out more about our research interests, or wish to get in touch, please contact Professor Rajiv Khosla E:

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