Blended learning

In order to appreciate the scale of La Trobe's Future Ready goal, the Department of Accounting has introduced a Blended Learning delivery mode for its 8 core subjects, namely ACC1AIS Accounting Information Systems, ACC1AMD Accounting for Management Decisions, ACC2CRE Corporate Reporting, ACC2CAD Cost Accounting and Decision Making; ACC3MAC Management Accounting and Control, ACC3AUD Auditing and Assurance, ACC3AFA Advanced Financial Accounting, and ACC3TAX Taxation.

Blended learning is a mix of face-to-face and online learning. It involves thoughtful, innovative, integration of face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences. The focus is based on the interactions between teachers, students and resources that assist students to achieve intended learning outcomes. We offer new and innovative ways to combine weekly interactive workshop and online video/audio lecture experiences seamlessly and coherently, in a manner which responds to disciplinary variation and student learning needs.

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