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With digital technology penetrating almost every facet of our lives, cybercrime is no longer just a computer problem – solutions require insights from multiple perspectives. That insight is at the heart of La Trobe’s multidisciplinary postgraduate cybersecurity degrees.

Learn from our experts

You’ll learn from cybersecurity research experts with multi- and inter-disciplinary knowledge leadership in areas of information, cyber law and policy, cyber intelligence, network security and forensics, cybercrime, big data security and machine mining, who draw from their own experiences and use real-world case studies to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Demand for cybersecurity experts in Australia and across the world is rising fast.

The Australian opportunity

In 2015, the Australian Government estimated that the demand for computer security experts would grow by 21.1 per cent over 5 years (an estimated 9,100 jobs). That’s well above wider ICT professional employment growth and overall Australian job growth during the same period.

Global opportunity

Not long ago, La Trobe’s industry partner Cisco reported that there were approximately one million cybersecurity job openings globally. They predict that figure will reach 6 million by 2019, with an expected shortfall of 1.5 million trained staff. Our postgraduate and undergraduate courses in cybersecurity:

  • include industry-relevant content – they’ve been developed in consultation with partners such as Cisco, Optus, Atlassian and Australia Post
  • are multidisciplinary – these are more than ICT degrees - they provide skills and knowledge across IT, business and law.
  • take advantage of La Trobe’s world-class research expertise from within its Law School and Cybersecurity team.
  • pass on real-world experience - students learn from highly skilled industry experts (our Professor’s of Practice) from KPMG and Deloitte.

A career in cybersecurity: opportunities and roles

Because the threat of online crime is so far-reaching, graduates with expertise in prevention will find work in numerous industries and sectors – government, security, teaching, psychology and many, many others.

Healthcare, for example, needs cybersecurity experts because there is enormous value in accessing the user profiles that hospitals maintain (identity theft). In law, new government policies and regulations require all organisations that store data securely – cybersecurity experts can help them do that.

Graduates will be well positioned for the following careers:

  • Security architect
  • Cyber intelligence analyst
  • Compliance assurance manager
  • Cybersecurity consultant
  • Security analyst
  • Security policy advisor
  • Researcher
  • Risk management specialist

Our cybersecurity degrees

Bachelor of Cybersecurity

La Trobe has launched a new cybersecurity degree to meet the demand for cybersecurity professionals in Australia.

A multi-disciplinary approach will help you develop a broad knowledge base and skill set. Graduates receive hands on lab experience in world class facilities, exposure to work integrated learning with industry and evolving content taught by leading academics.

Designed for school leavers, as well as people with work and life experience, who are interested in cybersecurity careers in data, software, human, organisational or business security.

Bachelor of Cybersecurity/ Bachelor of Psychological Science

Are you interested in embarking on a career that integrates psychology and IT?

Designed for school leavers and people with work and life experience who would like to pursue a career exploring the motivations of cyber criminals and how human behaviour affects cybersecurity.

Master of Cybersecurity (Law)

What is the impact of cybersecurity on law?

If you have a background in arts, law, policy or business and are looking for a career in domestic and international policy, cybersecurity regulation and compliance, or cybersecurity marketing, procurement or education, then this course could interest you. This is a pathway for existing legal professionals looking to commence or progress their careers in cybersecurity.

Master of Cybersecurity (Computer Science)

If you're a professional already in information technology, business or the legal professions, then this degree will provide you with a pathway into the cybersecurity domain. Progress your career in these areas. It is also relevant if you're looking to enter the IT profession and have no experience in cybersecurity.

Are you looking to gain a broad understanding of multiple disciplines, as well as focus on technical skills? This course includes areas such as network engineering, network security and digital forensics.

Master of Cybersecurity (Business Operations)

IT security risk management has been identified as a top priority for executives of Australian companies. You'll learn how to harness analytics and risk management processes to inform key business practices in this course. Be indispensable as the bridge between technical and managerial aspects of cybercrime prevention.

This course was designed for professionals with an IT, business or arts background who aspire to a career in cybersecurity with a business security emphasis. The course will suit people want to learn about the implications of cybersecurity on finance, analytics, auditing and risk.

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