Issue 7 - February, 2014

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Message from Professor Russell Hoye, Director CSSI
CSSI Deputy Director wins LTU Research Excellence Award
New Research Contracts received in January 2014
CSSI Seminars, 2014
Recent publications and other outputs by CSSI Members

Message from Professor Russell Hoye, Director CSSI 

Welcome to a new year, the Centre's 4th since starting in early 2010. In that time the CSSI has been awarded almost $1.5M in research funding from government, non-profit and commercial funding sources.

This year will see some major changes in staffing (watch this space!) and a move to secure a dedicated office space for the Centre (also watch this space – literally).

Dr Emma Sherry will continue to convene our regular seminars –if you have any ideas for interstate guests or visitors who would be of interest to CSSI members please let her know.

I hope you all managed to get some time away from work over the Christmas break and are surviving the myriad of changes happening at La Trobe.

I look forward to seeing you at the next CSSI event.

Professor Russell Hoye

CSSI Deputy Director wins LTU Research Excellence Award

Dr Matthew Nicholson was a recipient of the LTU Research Excellece Award last December. He was awarded this honour on the basis of his overall track record of publication, quantum of external research funding and engagement and impact with industry.

The citation for the award read as:

Matthew has developed a national and international reputation in the areas of sport policy, the management of community sport, the relationship between sport and social capital, the relationship between sport and the media and the commercialisation of football. In the past seven years he has secured $2.67 million in research funding, $1.87 million of which has come directly to La Trobe University through the Centre for Sport and Social Impact, a research centre that he helped to establish. This research funding has been secured through 21 separate projects and includes funding through the ARC and the NHMRC, as well as industry based organisations such as VicHealth, government departments and national sport organizations and NGOs. During the past seven years he has co-authored 2 research books, published with Penguin and Elsevier, two of the world's leading publishers, 2 edited seminal research collections, published with Elsevier and Routledge, the latter the leading sport publisher in the world, 16 book chapters and 19 refereed journal articles, including 2 at A* and 10 at A rank according to the ERA 2010 list.

New research contracts received in January 2014

netball australiaNetball Australia: One Netball Pacific Evaluation (2014 – 2017) $275,000

This project is a 4 year evaluation of the sport for development projects being delivered by Netball Australia in the Pacific. The team from CSSI, led by Emma Sherry will be working with sport development projects in Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu to investigate the impact of netball interventions on the prevention of non-communicable diseases and the development of female leaders in the community. Chief Investigator: Dr Emma Sherry, along with A/Prof Matt Nicholson and Prof Russell Hoye.

Hockey Victoria: SSAPP Evaluation (2014) $20,000

This project is a one year evaluation of the Hockey Victoria suite of programs to increase female participation in the sport of hockey and create a welcoming and inclusive environment. Chief Investigator: Dr Emma Sherry

AFL Victoria and AFL: (2014) $40,000

This project aims to determine the value of a "typical" community football club in terms of its contribution to social, community and health impacts. There is often discussion about the value that football brings to communities. These values range from bringing a community together, reducing social isolation, increasing community pride, developing 'social capital' and improving physical and mental health. Intuitively, the football industry believes it does provide an important vehicle to achieving these outcomes, however there is little understanding or quantifiable evidence about how football actually contributes to these areas. The key focus of this project will be to produce data that assists clubs, leagues and AFL Victoria to articulate the value provided by football clubs across the state, supporting them in their key stakeholder relationships. This project is led by Professor Russell Hoye and A/Professor Matt Nicholson.

CSSI seminars, 2014

PhD Presentations, 25 February

The CSSI Research Forums for 2014 are a great way to keep up with the research on sport at La Trobe. 

The first session for the year, Tuesday 25 February, will include presentations from our PhD students. This will provide an opportunity for students to present their research to date and for CSSI members to hear of the diversity of PhD study being undertaken. 

Kevin BrownThe Kevin Brown Farewell Oratory, 18 March

We have a very special session for the March seminar, Tuesday 18 March. Kevin Brown will be sharing his thoughts and expertise in a 'state of the nation' address. As he will be retiring from La Trobe University and farewelling his academic career on Friday 21st March this year this will be a seminar not to be missed.

At each forum we will also continue to 'shine the light' on our updates and achievements at the start of each meeting, and lunch will be provided. If there are any dietary requirements please tell Annette Maher.

The CSSI Seminars, 2014 will be a 'must attend' event so now is the time to add the first Tuesday of each month, between 10-12.00, to your diary. Except for the February and March seminars the venue will be MAR 362A (April until the end of the year). However for the first two seminars please note that the seminars will be held in the FBEL Law Meeting Room MAR269.

If you would like to present or have any suggestions for a seminar topic please talk to Emma Sherry, CSSI Seminar Coordinator 

Recent publications and other outputs by CSSI members

Journal articles

Lenten, L. J. A., Libich, J. and Stehlík, P. (2013) "Policy Timing and Footballers' Incentives: Penalties Before or After Extra-Time?" Journal of Sports Economics, 14(6), 629-655.

de Haan, D., Osborne, A., & Sherry, E. (2014). Satire or Send-Up? Paddy Power and Blind Football: A Case for Managing Public Relations for Disability Sport. Communication & Sport, DOI: 2167479513518045.


Liam Lenten, TV Interview, 'Home-court advantage in tennis' ABC News Breakfast (with Beverley O'Connor and Scott Bevan), ABC1 (and ABC News 24), 10 January 2014..

Liam Lenten, featured in newspaper opinion piece by Beverley O'Connor, 'Expectation is crushing our tennis heroes' Herald Sun, 23 January 2014.