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Message from Professor Russell Hoye, Director CSSI
Research Funding Success
New Projects
A CSSI first - Joint Seminar - Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) and Centre of Sport and Social Impact (CSSI), 24 May 2013
Recognition and awards
Continuing Projects
Conference for your diary
Welcome to new CSSI staff
Welcome to new PhD candidate
Recent publications and other outputs by CSSI Members


Message from Professor Russell Hoye, Director CSSI

This newsletter particularly celebrates the achievement of three CSSI members who each were awarded a University Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning – Drs Kerr, Sherry and Lenten. It is a testament to the ability of these three individuals to be recognised as outstanding teachers while also maintaining an active and impressive research program.

This issue also highlights the success of CSSI members in securing internal and external research funds, an example of our strong industry engagement in student practicum placements and our growing membership of researchers and PhD students.

Professor Russell Hoye
Director, CSSI

Research funding success

Congratulations to the following CSSI members who received internal research grants from the Faculty of Business, Economics and law.

Liam Lenten ‘Can Conditional Superannuation Strengthen the effectiveness of anti-doping policy? $4,824.95

Pam Kappelides and Kevin Brown ‘The Legacy of Volunteering at a Community Sport Event’, $5,000.00

New Projects

The legacy of volunteering at a community sport event

Pam Kappelides, Kevin Brown, Laura Aisbett, and Erica Randle

This study aims to examine the legacy of volunteering at the 2013 Australian Masters Games (AMG) in Geelong; essentially exploring volunteers’ involvement and experiences at the event, and how these may influence their future intentions to volunteer. Specifically, the research aims to address how volunteering at a community sport event influences volunteers’ future intentions to volunteer in their communities or at other events. The perceived organisational support (POS) of volunteers at the event will be measured to determine how the support provided by the organisation, whilst volunteering, impacts the volunteers’ involvement and experience, and whether this support may influence their future volunteer intentions. The legacy of volunteering at a community sport event may be ascertained by identifying whether their specific event volunteering experience encouraged that individual to volunteer in the future, within their local community or at other events, and what about their experience acted as the motivator for future volunteer involvement.     

AFL Victoria's Alcohol Culture

Matthew Nicholson, Kevin Brown and Russell Hoye

This is a two year research project with AFL Victoria exploring alcohol culture across the entire Victorian football industry. The research has been funded to the value of $142,000 and builds on previous research work that has been conducted by the CSSI in partnership with AFL Victoria. As part of this research, Matthew sits on AFL Victoria’s Alcohol Cultural Change Advisory Group, which contains representatives from VicHealth, Sport and Recreation Victoria, Cancer Council Victoria, GoodSports and the AFL.

A CSSI first - Joint Seminar - Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) and Centre of Sport and Social Impact (CSSI), 24 May 2013

Craig FosterBrazil at the centre of the sporting world: The 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics

This joint seminar celebrated and analysed Brazil’s unique achievement as the only developing national to hold the world’s two major sporting events within the space of two years. Co-hosted by Dr Ralph Newmark (ILAS) and Professor Russell Hoye (CSSI), the seminar was opened by the Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor John Dewar. The special guests included the Brazilian Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Mr Rubem Corrêa Barbosa and Mr Craig Foster (SBS and Fairfax Media, pictured) as the first keynote speaker. With seventy attendees, the audience included sport industry professionals, community leaders and researchers interested in sport, Latin American studies, international relations and international development as well as politics, economics and gender studies. The seminar supported La Trobe University’s Future Ready strategy by engaging with two dynamic and intersecting issues – the emergence of Brazil as a global powerhouse and the role of sport in society and the world.

Dr Jorge Knijnik, a Brazilian and Senior Lecturer at University of Western Sydney, formerly of the University of São Paulo made the second keynote presentation on gender and sporting equality in Brazil, analysing it in terms of social justice and arguing that it was symbolic of the second class citizenship that women have experienced in Brazilian society.

An expert panel exploring Brazil’s sport heritage and capacity for leadership considered Brazil and sport from a range of disciplines. They were Dr Bill Murray (LTU History), Dr Liam Lenten (LTU Economics), Dr Anthony Kerr (LTU Management) and Dr Ramon Spaaij (LTU Sociology) with Drs Pippa Grange (Bluestone Edge) and Elizabeth Kath (RMIT University).

Recognition and awards

La Trobe University Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

Congratulations go to CSSI members Dr Liam Lenten and Dr Emma Sherry for being awarded a La Trobe University Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning 2013.

Dr Anthony KerrDr Anthony Kerr for the development of innovative, student-centred and active learning curricula that engages, challenges and inspires students to solve ‘real-world’ problems as preparation for rewarding careers.

In engaging students in learning, Anthony Kerr is driven by the principles of active learning. Drawing on his own recent experience in industry, Anthony creates a lively, interactive teaching environment with debates and a challenging, but safe, classroom environment. Anthony also uses case studies in small groups to develop critical thinking, co-operative learning and analytical skills to prepare his students for their future careers.

All Anthony's classes involve active learning whereby students are challenged to apply the theory to solve real-world problems for organisations through in-class multimedia delivery of case material and the teaching of case studies in the tutorials. Students are asked to reflect on the case in order to analyse the issue, identify the problem and use that knowledge to produce their own practical assignment for the class, whether Sport Media, Sport Marketing or Sport Sponsorship.

Liam LentenDr Liam Lenten, for innovative techniques to terminate tedious teaching: promoting the teaching-research nexus and appealing to student curiosity through popular media.

I claim excellence by means of three distinct activities. Firstly, in 2012, I was one of the first few lecturers at La Trobe to make my lectures in Sports Economics (ECO3EOS) freely available on i-Tunes, making me well-placed to adapt to the future trends of technology in learning, particularly the phenomenal global growth of MOOCs. The lecture series now has almost 2,000 subscribers worldwide and collectively over 25,000 file downloads, providing a clear statement about the marketability of sports as a potential mass-appeal vehicle for Economics.

Secondly, I have co-authored a textbook, titled: Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, published by John Wiley & Sons. It is co-authored with some notable finance academics, including David Kidwell (Minnesota). The text is currently in its second edition (prescribed at 14 Universities across Oceania), with the third edition to be released soon. Using my own text enabled me to write chapters geared specifically to how I wanted to teach Financial Instruments (FIN2FII) – including a new topic on Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) issues in Finance – and enabling me to use material from my Journal of Forecasting (2010) publication in lectures and tutorials.

Thirdly, I have proposed a new third-year undergraduate subject: Economics of Music, Film and Television (ECO3MFT). This subject will allow many students to learn much about applied Economics, and is for those more interested in culture and arts, rather than sports. This subject is also of potential appeal to students from other La Trobe faculties (and universities), particularly Humanities and Social Sciences. The initial proposal has been accepted contingent on further curriculum development prior to the final proposal, and the inaugural instance is scheduled for semester two.

Emma SherryDr Emma Sherry, for using innovative and reflective assessment to engage students in a stimulating real‐life learning environment in the study of sport development theory and practice

Sport development, as an emerging area of both theory and practice, can be a difficult concept for students to understand. Sport Development at La Trobe University has been taught and developed since 2009 via ongoing iterations of innovative and engaging subject design, utilising effective online teaching and learning platforms. This project has involved both classroom‐based teaching and learning innovations, and the development of a research agenda within the project to investigate reflective teaching practice.

From its inception, Sport Development was designed to both deliver innovating and engaging teaching, and measure the outcomes of these initiatives

within a scholarly research program. The results of this project have been shared with academic colleagues at seminars and conferences:

  • Sherry, E. & de Haan, D. (2010). Using cross‐institution student presentations to internationalise the sport management curriculum. European Association of Sport Management Congress
  • Visiting academic University of Worcester, September 2010
  • La Trobe University Teaching and Learning Colloquium 2012 (presenter and panel member)

In addition to presenting findings from both the curriculum redesign process and international collaborative efforts at international conferences and seminars; two research publications have subsequently been published in high quality peer reviewed scholarship of learning and teaching journals:

  • de Haan, D. & Sherry, E. (2012). Internationalisation of the sport management curriculum; academic and student reflections. Journal of Studies in International Education. DOI:10.1177/1028315311403487
  • Sherry, E. & de Haan, D. (2012). Shared experience of an international teaching collaboration: from bemoaning blogging to reflective practice. Reflective Practice. 13 (6) 805‐820.

Melbourne Heart Football Club 3rd Year Sport Management Prize

Melb heartThe La Trobe Business School Prize ceremony held on 29 May saw two sport management students, Daniel Thomas Evans and Justin Kenneth Pigdon, receive a Melbourne Heart Football Club 3rd Year Sport Management Prize. This Prize is awarded to a sport management student for the highest grade in the core subject, Sport Practicum. Melbourne Heart donated the Prize and Tiffany Hanna, Sponsorship Account Manager at Melbourne Heart Football Club, presented the awards to the students at the prize giving ceremony, Grand Hyatt, Melbourne. Congratulations Daniel and Justin!


Dr Emma Sherry has been appointed a Deputy Editor of the Journal of Sport for   The Journal’s mission is to advance, examine and disseminate evidence and best practices for programmes and interventions that use sport to promote development, health and/or peace.

In addition, Emma is the Managing Editor of a Special Issue of Sport Management Review – Managing Sport for Social Change.  Submissions are due by September 1st 2013 and more information can be found here

Continuing Projects

Sports Practicum – bridging academia and industry
Pam Kappelides

Sports Practicum at La Trobe University is seen as a stepping stone or bridge between the academic component that the student studies, and professional practices in the field. It is the medium through which the theoretical aspects of the course take on relevance and are placed in the context of the working world. This is important to staff and students alike because it aims to relate that which is being taught in the classroom with current practices and needs in the field.

The program also has a strong professional development focus, with students encouraged to use their opportunities in sports practicum;

  • to explore possible career prospects
  • to gain relevant work experience
  • to make themselves more employable on completion of the course
  • to develop networks in the profession.

A unique aspect of the sports practicum program is the process of selection by the student of experiences that aim to enhance his or her personal and vocational goals. A student contracts, in consultation with the sports practicum coordinator staff, to undertake placements with community organisations that relate directly to his or her own needs and aspirations.

Some of the current organisations where the 47 current students have been involved include:

AFL Victoria

Richmond Football club

Melbourne Storm

Tennis Australia

Football Federation Victoria

Bowls Australia

YMCA Victoria

The Ride to Conquer cancer

Gymnastics Australia

Australian Institute of Sport

Northern Football League


The Big Issue Community Street Soccer Program and Disability Sport and Recreation evaluation projects
Emma Sherry 

Emma continues to work with The Big Issue Community Street Soccer Program and Disability Sport and Recreation evaluation projects, with data collection currently underway for both projects.  Reports will be released in late 2013.

Conference for your diary

2nd Crime and Sport Research Conference 2013, 30 September, 2013

This conference will consist of keynote presentation, oral presentations and a workshop. The core conference themes are doping in sport and corruption in sport with guest speakers, Professor Jack Anderson (Queen’s University, Belfast), Dr Matthew Dunn (Deakin University) and Professor Bob Stewart (Victoria University).

For information and to register contact Dr Terry Engelberg:

(Please note: this conference was originally to be held on 3 June but has been postponed until 30 September).

Welcome to new CSSI members

We are pleased to welcome two new members to CSSI:

Vanessa RattenDr. Vanessa Ratten

She is currently teaching into the Masters of Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) degree. The Master of Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) degree is developed for students with the will to create business opportunities and to manage innovation across diverse sectors in society. It brings together students from a diverse mix of academic backgrounds ranging from engineering, arts and humanities and science to management in a way that facilitates dynamic multidisciplinary innovation and exchange of ideas. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation program's main objective is to equip students with the tools and skills necessary to develop ideas, to lead and to manage entrepreneurial activities,  to create new business ventures, and to develop and sustain innovation practice across corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors, in small, medium and large scale enterprises.

Mandy Ruddock-HudsonDr Mandy Ruddock-Hudson

Mandy's academic training has focused on the area of Public Health and Health Psychology. Mandy has a wide range of interests and is most passionate about the physical and psychological rehabilitation following injury. This is reflected in her research which focused on the psychosocial aspects of athletic rehabilitation with professional AFL players. Mandy has a particular interest in the development of effective interventions for successful rehabilitation following injury. This intervention targets psychosocial factors, mood disturbances, and social support. Other areas of interest relate to health, physical activity and alternate therapies.

Welcome to CSSI PhD Candidate

We are very pleased to welcome a new PhD Candidate.

Hannah MacDougallHannah MacDougall

Title: Investigation of a well-being intervention program in elite disability sport

Supervisors: Dr Emma Sherry (Principle), Dr Paul O'Halloran, and Dr Nora Shields (Co-Supervisors)

Summary: The proposed study aims to investigate a targeted well-being intervention program for elite athletes with a disability, specifically, within the Australia sporting domain. It is envisaged that a mixed-method approach will be utilised, guided by conceptual principles and based on empirically-validated models. Value will be created through exploring the multidimensional nature of wellbeing within the targeted population, namely psychological wellbeing and quality of life. As a result, it is hoped that future research will be able to identify aspects of well-being that positively contribute to performance in elite disability sport.

Recent publications and other outputs by CSSI Members

Book Chapters

Sherwood, Merryn & Nicholson, Matthew, 2013, ‘Research Methodologies in Sport Communication’, in Paul M. Pederson (Ed), Routledge Handbook of Sport Communication, Ch. 9, pp. 84-96.

This chapter explores the methodologies that are most commonly employed in the field of sport communication research, primarily via a meta-analysis of prominent research published in peer-review journals and reputable edited book collections. This chapter is another fantastic achievement by Merryn – her first academic publication was an A* article in Journalism and now she has co-authored a met-analysis of sport communication research in what is sure to be a widely read international handbook – congratulations Merryn.

Nicholson, Matthew & Stewart, Bob, 2013, ‘Leisure Policy: The Example of Sport’ in Tony Blackshaw (Ed.) Routledge Handbook of Leisure Studies, Ch. 7, pp. 72-81.

This chapter explores the relationships between leisure, sport and government intervention, as a way of contextualising the example of sport as a domain of leisure policy. This chapter concludes by arguing, in part, that sport policy supports activities that are more akin to work than play and prioritise economic and political development more than sport for sport’s sake.

Journal articles

Brown, K., Hoye, R. & Nicholson, M. (accepted for publication in 2012). Sport involvement and generalized trust. Journal of Sociology.

Nicholson, Matthew, Brown, Kevin & Hoye, 2013, ‘Sport’s social provisions’, Sport Management Review, No. 16, pp. 148-160. The paper explores the relationship between sport and social capital by reporting on research that examined the social provisions of individuals’ involvement in sport and nonsport community organisations.


Ruddock-Hudson, Mandy, interviews that appeared in the AFL Football Record in the final rounds (rounds 21 and 22) of the AFL season 2012 in relation to the research undertaken in the School of Public Health & Human Biosciences.


Lowden, David, 1 March 2013, ‘Rowe off course on sport journalism’ 


Podcast series: Sport Unpacked,

22 February 2013, ‘Sport Development’ Russell Hoye interviews Dr. Emma Sherry

20 February 2013, ‘Homosexuality in sport’ Russell Hoye interviews David Lowden

For further inquiries or suggestions, please contact:

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