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Message from Professor Russell Hoye, Director CSSI
Research Funding Success
Bowls Australia Report – Successful completion
External seminars
Recognition and awards
Welcome to new CSSI staff
Recent publications and other outputs by CSSI Members 

Message from Professor Russell Hoye, Director CSSI 

This month we welcome Greg Dingle to the CSSI who has joined the Department of Management in FBEL as a new member of the teaching team for the sport management program. Greg joins us from VU where he finally saw the light after 10 years there and has moved across to work with the good guys.

We also formally welcome Dr Laura Aisbett to the CSSI who has been working as researcher on several projects over the past 12 months and is well known to most members.

This newsletter highlights some great activity from CSSI members who have been active in publishing and disseminating their results to a variety of audiences.

Professor Russell Hoye
Director, CSSI

Research Funding Success

Congratulations to CSSI member – 

Emma Sherry - City of Darebin. Sport and Physical Activity Research. $30,000

Emma Sherry - Netball Victoria. Netball for All Evaluation. $25,000

Successful completion of research projects

Bowls Australia Report  

CSSI members Russell Hoye, Kevin Brown, Matthew Nicholson, Emma Sherry and Tom Clement published the final report of a major commissioned research project for Bowls Australia that investigated reasons people play bowls, the benefits of playing, areas for improvement to the ‘Bowls Experience’, why people stop bowling, demographic changes, preferences of different age groups and challenges to club survival.

The research method employed to investigate these questions consisted of two stages. First, 90 face to face semi-structured interviews were conducted at 18 clubs across Australia with current club members bowling in pennant competitions, social bowlers, previous members, and club committee representatives and staff. Second, a paper survey distributed to 4000 bowls club members from 100 clubs across Australia to collect data on individuals’ involvement in bowls, their motives, satisfaction with their bowls experiences, their commitment to remain involved with bowls, their perceived physical and mental health status and selected demographic variables. Together, these two data sources have been used to provide a representative “picture” of the perceptions of bowlers across Australia of their bowls experience.

External Seminars 

A/Prof Matt Nicholson, A/Prof Kevin Brown and Professor Russell Hoye recently completed  a 3 year ARC & VicHealth funded research project entitled Social Glue? The Contribution of Sport and Active Recreation to Community Wellbeing. The aims of the project were to determine:

  1. The nature of the relationship between individuals’ involvement in sport and active recreation and perceptions of social inclusion and connectedness;
  2. How involvement in sport and active recreation impacts on the social connectedness experienced by individuals and their subsequent wellbeing; and 
  3. The role of formalised sport and recreation organisations in facilitating or supporting social inclusion and connectedness of individuals.

They presented the results of the project in a seminar for staff of State Sport Associations, Regional Sport Assemblies, LGAs, VicHealth and other industry stakeholders on Tuesday 30 July from 11:30am to 2:00pm at the VicHealth offices in Carlton.

Three papers have been published so far from the project, with more in the pipeline.

Brown, K., Hoye, R. & Nicholson, M. (2013). Sport involvement and generalized trust. Journal of Sociology. doi:10.1177/1440783312467091 

Hoye, R., Nicholson, M. & Brown, K. (2013). Involvement in sport and social connectedness. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, doi:10.1177/1012690212466076 

Nicholson, M., Brown, K. & Hoye, R. (2013). Sports’ Social Provisions. Sport Management Review. 16(2), 148-160.

Recognition and awards

Graduate Women Victoria Award

Congratulations to Erica Randle who was awarded a special award from the Graduate Women Victoria (William & Elizabeth Fisher Scholarship) for $1000 and a one year membership to the GWV.


Emma Sherry has been appointed Deputy Editor of the Journal of Sport for Development.

Welcome to new CSSI members 

Greg DingleDr. Greg Dingle

Greg’s area of expertise is sport management, and has taught widely in this field. His primary interest is the management of sport & recreation organisations in an environmentally sustainable manner. He has previously designed, coordinated and taught at undergraduate level about environmental sustainability issues for sport and recreation organisations and, related management strategies. Greg is also a Ph.D. candidate and his research examines how and why major Australian sport stadia are impacted, and respond to, climate change. 

He has acted as a consultant for Netball Victoria, and has previously been a member of the editorial board for Sport and Culture Group at Victoria University. He has also been a reviewer (ad hoc) for Sport Management Review, the journal of the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ).

Laura AisbettDr. Laura Aisbett  

Laura has recently completed her PhD, which examined the organisational and supervisor support systems for volunteers at a one day cycling event. Laura’s interests are focused on volunteering, volunteer HRM, sport events and community sport, which are reflected in her recent work. 

Laura is currently working as a research officer for the CSSI and has been involved in a number of projects within the Centre; her most recent research examines the legacy of event volunteers at the Australian Masters Games held in Geelong later this year.     

Recent publications and other outputs by CSSI Members

Journal articles

Aisbett, L. & Hoye, R. (accepted for publication in 2013). The nature of perceived organizational support for sport event volunteers. Event Management.

Nicholson, M., Hoye, R. & Brown, K. (accepted for publication in 2013). Alcohol and community football in Australia. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. DOI: 10.1177/1012690213497353

Nicholson, M., Brown, K. & Hoye, R. (accepted for publication in 2013). Sport, community involvement and social support. Sport in Society special issue.

Sherry, E. (in press) The Vulnerable Researcher: facing the challenges of sensitive research. Qualitative Research Journal.

Sherry, E and O’May, F. (in press) Exploring the impact of sport participation on individuals with substance abuse or mental health disorders. Journal of Sport for Development.

Spoor, J. & Hoye, R. (accepted for publication in 2013). Perceived support and women’s intentions to stay at a sport organisation. British Journal of Management. DOI: 10.1111/1467-8551.12018


Emery, P.R., Kerr, A.K. and Crabtree, R.M. ‘Critical Incidents, Emotions and Moments: The Co-Created London 2012 Olympic Spectator Experience’, 21st Conference of the European Association for Sport Management, Istanbul, Turkey.

Emery, P.R. and Kerr, A.K. ‘Setting the Stage’: Host Management Challenges and Print Media Evaluation of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, 6th International Sport Business Symposium, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Liam Lenten, “Bilateral Behavioural Incentives in a Near Pareto-Improvement Framework: Evidence from the ‘Field’”, at the 88th Annual Conference, WEAI (Westerns), Seattle, USA, 28 June-2 July 2013.

Liam Lenten, “The Underdog should always fire the first salvo against Brazil” ILAS/CSSI Symposia Series on Brazil, Part 1 – Sport, 24 May 2013. 


CSSI members are regular podcast gurus. A sample of recent podcasts are:

The state of football in Australia

Craig FosterCraig Foster and Russ Hoye talk about the developments in football

Eye-tracking research in sport

Jodi SitaDr Jodi Sita and Russ Hoye talk about viewing sport from the coach and player perspective

The reality of homophobia in sport

Gus JohnstonGus Johnston and Matt Smith discuss Gus’ experience of coming out

The AFL coaching lifestyle

Mick MalthouseMick Malthouse and Mandy Ruddock-Hudson  talk to Russ Hoye about the coaching lifestyle as part of the series of Sport Unpacked. 


Media misses the point about the Ashes

Liam Lenten16 Jul 2013 - Liam Lenten

First published on The Conversation on 15 July 2013. 

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