Conceptualising rapport

While there has been a steady stream of anthropologists working on the concept of rapport, recent ethnographies and textbooks continue to present an over-simplistic view of the relationship between language and what is essentially the folk notion of rapport. Part of the issue seems to be lack of uptake of linguistic anthropological understandings of language and how it relates to the discursive construction of identity. This project aims to extend theoretical discussion about researcher-informant relationships by exploring how rapport, language and identity can be conceptualised.

The first stage of this project involved bringing together researchers from around the world who discussed this topic over the course of four days in July 2016. The second stage has begun and this includes putting together two edited volumes of papers that were given and discussed during this symposium. The website for this symposium along with a list of abstracts can be found here:

Inquiries about these projects or about becoming involved, either as a researcher or a researcher-in-training, can be made to  Zane Goebel, Associate Professor (