CRLD Publications (2000)

This is a selected list of books, and of papers in good-quality, hard-copy books and journals (members of the Research Centre also put out a number of reviews and some electronic publications). We list publications during 2000 and also items accepted for  publication which are 'in press'. The list covers publications by present and past  members of RCLT, based on work done while they were at the Research Centre.


  • 2000. Classifiers: a typology of noun categorization devices. Oxford: Oxford University Press. xxvi, 535 pp.
  • 2000. 'Areal typology and grammaticalization: the emergence of new verbal morphology in an obsolescent language', pp 1-37 of Reconstructing grammar:  comparative linguistics and grammaticalization, edited by Spike Gildea. Amsterdam:  John Benjamins.
  • 2000. 'Unusual classifiers in Tariana', pp 93-113 of Systems of nominal classification, edited by Gunter Senft. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2000. 'Transitivity in Tariana', pp 145-72 of Dixon and Aikhenvald (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2001. Dicionário Tariana-Português e Português-Tariana. Belém,  Brazil: Editora do Museu Goeldi. c400 pp.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Verb types, non-canonically marked arguments and grammatical relations: a Tariana perspective', pp 177-99 of Aikhenvald, Dixon and  Onishi (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Areal diffusion, genetic inheritance and problems of subgrouping: a North Arawak case study', in Aikhenvald and Dixon (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Traditional multilingualism and language development', and 'Language obsolescence: progress or decay? The emergence of new grammatical  categories in "language death"', pp 24-33 and pp 144-55 respectively of Language  maintenance for endangered languages: an active approach, edited by David Bradley  and Maya Bradley. London: Curzon Press.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Gender', article 83 in Handbuch der Morfologie, edited by C. Lehmann and J. Mugdan. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Reciprocals and reflexives in North Arawak languages of the Upper Rio Negro' and 'Reciprocals and associatives in Tariana: their genetic and areal  properties', both to appear in Typology of reciprocals, edited by V.P. Nedjalkov.  Munich: Lincom Europa.
  • Forthcoming in 2002. 'Typological dimensions in word formation', to appear in Language typology and syntactic description, 2nd edition, edited by Timothy Shopen.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


  • Forthcoming in 2001. Editors of Areal diffusion and genetic inheritance: problems in comparative linguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Introduction', in preceding.


  • Forthcoming in 2001. Editors of Non-canonical marking of subjects and objects (Typological studies in language, 46). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. c360 pp.

MENGISTU AMBERBER [member of RCLT in 1996-7]

  • 2000. 'Valency-changing devices and valency-encoding devices in Amharic', pp 312-32 of Dixon and Aikhenvald (eds.).

BHAT, D. N. S.

  • 2000. 'The indefinite-interrogative puzzle', to appear in Linguistic Typology Vol 4, part 3.

LYLE CAMPBELL [member of RCLT during 1997]

  • 2000. 'Valency-changing derivations in K'iche'', pp 236-81 of Dixon and Aikhenvald (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2001 (with Kristina Sands). 'Non-canonical subjects and objects in Finnish', pp 251-305 of Aikhenvald, Dixon and Onishi (eds.).

HILARY CHAPPELL [member of RCLT in 1998]

  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'A semantic typology of evidential markers in Sinitic languages', pp 56-84 of Sinitic grammar: synchronic and diachronic perspectives,  edited by Hilary Chappell. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Grammaticalisation of the verb kong "say" in Taiwanese'. To appear in Morphological change in Chinese, edited by Charles N. Li and Alain  Parable. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Language contact and diffusion in Sinitic languages', in Aikhenvald and Dixon (eds.).


  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Thai', pp 733-9 of Facts about the world's languages: an encyclopedia of the world's languages, past and present, edited by Jane Garry and  Carl Rubino. New York: H.L. Wilson.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. A phonetic and phonological description of Ao, a language of north-east India. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics. c100 pp.


  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'What language features can be "borrowed"?', in Aikhenvald and Dixon (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2001 (with Belinda Collins, Johanna Rendle-Short and Anthony J. Liddicoat). 'Not just a thesis: PhD study as a first step in an academic career', in Postgraduate research supervision: transforming (r)elations, edited by Alison Bartlett  and Gina Mercer. New York: Peter Lang.

GERRIT J. DIMMENDAAL [member of RCLT in 1998]

  • 2000. 'Morphology', pp 161-93 of African languages: an introduction, edited by Bernd Heine and Derek Nurse. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2000. 'Number marking and noun categorization in Nilo-Saharan', Anthropological Linguistics, 42.1-48.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Places and people: field sites and informants', pp 55-75 of Linguistic fieldwork, edited by Paul Newman and Martha Radcliff. Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Areal diffusion versus genetic inheritance: an African perspective', in Aikhenvald and Dixon (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Logophoric marking and represented speech in African  languages as evidential hedging strategies', to appear in Australian Journal of  Linguistics, Vol 21.


  • 2000. 'A typology of causatives: form, syntax and meaning', pp 30-83 of Dixon and Aikhenvald (eds.).
  • 2000. 'Adjectives', pp 1-8 of Concise Encyclopedia of Grammatical Categories, edited by K. Brown and J. Miller. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science.
  • 2000. 'A-constructions and O-constructions in Jarawara', International Journal of American Linguistics, 66.22-56.
  • 2000. 'Categories of the noun phrase in Jarawara', to appear in Journal of Linguistics.
  • 2000. 'Dónde quedaron todos los adjetivos', pp 87-171 of Lecturas de morphología, traducción y edición de Elisabeth Beniers. Mexico: Universidad Nacional Autónoma  de México. [Translation of 1982 paper 'Where have all the adjectives gone?'.]
  • 2000. Editor (with Barry J. Blake) of The handbook of Australian languages, vol 5.  Melbourne: Oxford University Press. xii, 507 pp.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. Gengo no kobo [Japanese translation, by Midori Osumi, of The rise and fall of languages]. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten., c224 pp.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Internal reconstruction of tense-modal suffixes in Jarawara', to appear in Diachronica.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'The Australian linguistic area', in Aikhenvald and Dixon (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2002. Australian languages: their nature and development. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. c600 pp.
  • Forthcoming in 2002. 'Australian languages', to appear in International encyclopedia of linguistics, 2nd edition, edited by William Frawley. New York:  Oxford University Press.


  • 2000. Editors of Changing valency: case studies in transitivity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xvi, 413 pp.
  • 2000. 'Introduction', pp 1-29 of preceding.

JENNIFER ELLIOTT [member of RCLT from 1996 until 1999]

  • 2000. 'Realis and irrealis: forms and concepts of the grammaticalisation of reality', Linguistic Typology, 4.55-90.

GEOFFREY HAIG [member of RCLT in 1998-9]

  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Linguistic diffusion in present-day East Anatolia: from top to bottom', in Aikhenvald and Dixon (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Towards a unified account of passive in Turkish', to appear in Turkish Linguistics.
  • Forthcoming in 2001 (with Ludwig Paul). 'Kurmanji Kurdish', pp 398-403 of Facts about the world's languages: an encyclopedia of the world's languages, past and  present, edited by Jane Garry and Carl Rubino. New York: H.L. Wilson.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'The noun/adjective distinction in Turkish: an empirical approach', to appear in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Turkish  Linguistics, edited by C. Kerslake and A. Göksel. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.


  • 2000 (with Aone van Engelenhoven). 'East Timor and the southwest Moluccas: language, time and connections', Studies in East Timorese Languages and Cultures,  3.107-24.
  • 2000 (with Ken Olson), 'The phonetic status of the labial flap', in Journal of the International Phonetics Association.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Language maintenance and survival in East Timor: All change now? Winners and losers', to appear in Language maintenance for endangered  languages: an active approach, edited by David Bradley and Maya Bradley. London:  Curzon Press.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Language planning and the sociolinguistic environment in East Timor: colonial practice and changing language ecologies', to appear in Current  Issues in Language Planning, 1.

RANDY LAPOLLA [member of RCLT in 1998]

  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'The role of migration and language contact in the development of the Sino-Tibetan language family', in Aikhenvald and Dixon (eds.).


  • 2000. 'Some uses of demonstratives in spoken Swedish', pp 107-28 of Corpus-based and computational approaches to discourse anaphora, edited by Simon Botley and  Anthony Mark McEnery. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • 2000. 'Påminnande -- en funktion hos demonstrativer i samtalssvenska', ASLA Information 16.93-102.


  • 2000 (with Larry Hyman). 'Dagbani verb tonology'. In Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics. Boston.

MASAYUKI ONISHI [member of RCLT in 1996-7]

  • 2000. 'Transitivity and valency-changing devices in Motuna', pp 115-44 of Dixon and Aikhenvald (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Introduction. Non-canonically marked subjects and objects: parameters and properties', pp 1-52 of Aikhenvald, Dixon and Onishi (eds.).
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Non-canonically marked A/S in Bengali', pp 113-47 of Aikhenvald, Dixon and Onishi (eds.).


  • forthcoming in 2001. 'Non-canonical constructions in Japanese', pp 307-54 of Aikhenvald, Dixon and Onishi (eds.).
  • forthcoming in 2001 (with P. Pardeshi). 'Dative subject constructions in South Asian languages', in South Asian languages: contact, convergence and typology. New Delhi:  Sage Publications.


  • Forthcoming in 2001. Sm'algyax learner's dictionary, 5 volumes. Prince Rupert:  Ts'msyeen Language Authority.

MAURO TOSCO [Member of RCLT in 1999]

  • 2000, 'Is there an "Ethiopian linguistic area"?', to appear in Anthropological Linguistics, Vol 42, part 3.

NIKOLAY B. VAKHTIN [member of RCLT in 1999]

  • Forthcoming in 2001. Yazyki narodov Severa v 20 veke: ocherki yazykovogo sdviga[Languages of the peoples of the north in the 20th century: language shift]. St  Petersburg: European University Dmitri Bulanin Publishing house. 320 pp.

ULRIKE ZESHAN [member of RCLT in 1999-2000]

  • 2000. Sign language in Indo-Pakistan: a description of a signed language. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. xii, 178 pp.
  • 2000. Gebärdensprachen des indischen Subkontinents. Munich: Lincom Europa.
  • 2000. 'Mouthing in Indo-Pakistani sign language: regularities and variation', in The hand is the head of the mouth: the mouth as articulator in sign languages, edited by P.  Boyes Braem and R. Sutton-Spence. Hamburg: Signum.
  • Forthcoming in 2001. 'Indo-Pakistani sign language grammar: a typological outline', to appear in Japanese Journal of Sign Linguistics, Vol 17.