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Honorary and emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Meredith Rogers Honorary Associate M.Rogers@latrobe.edu.au
Mary Ross Adjunct Research Fellow M.Ross@latrobe.edu.au
Dr. Kate Ryan Honorary Associate K.Ryan2@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Paul Salzman Emeritus Professor P.Salzman@latrobe.edu.au
Dr. Lucy Sussex Honorary Associate L.Sussex@latrobe.edu.au
Professor David Tacey Emeritus Professor D.Tacey@latrobe.edu.au
Dr. Laurens Tan Adjunct Professor L.Tan@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Sue Thomas Emeritus Professor 03 9479 2392 S.Thomas@latrobe.edu.au
Dr. Iain Topliss Honorary Associate I.Topliss@latrobe.edu.au
Sandra van Rompaey Honorary Associate S.vanRompaey@latrobe.edu.au
Dr. Terrie Waddell Adjunct Associate Professor 03 9479 2396 T.Waddell@latrobe.edu.au
Dr. Rebecca Waese Adjunct Research Fellow 03 9479 2388 R.Waese@latrobe.edu.au
Robyn Walton Honorary Associate robyn.walton@latrobe.edu.au
Professor John Wiltshire Emeritus Professor J.Wiltshire@latrobe.edu.au
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