Our staff

    • Dr Vincent Alessi – lectures in fine art and is a curator of both local and international exhibitions.
    • Dr Kylie Banyard - is a multidisciplinary artist, educator and curator with a strong research background. Her artistic practice is grounded in painting and her working methodology intersects with photography, video, ceramics, sculpture and immersive architectural spaces.
    • Dr Andrew Goodman - is a contemporary artist whose work encompasses soft sculpture, sound, lights and electronics, and sometimes video into immersive installations, usually featuring generative or interactive elements
    • Dr Ry Haskings - Ry Haskings is an artist, gallerist and lecturer in Visual Art with an interest in contemporary art production and pictorial assemblage through installation art strategies.
    • Dr Caroline Wallace - lectures in Visual Art. Her current research focuses on artist-activism and the politics of race and gender in museums and alternative art spaces.
    • Associate Prof. Jacqueline Millner - is a writer and educator widely published in the history and theory of contemporary art​. Her areas of special interest include Australian art; installation, video and performance; social practice and new forms of institutional critique; contemporary art and feminism. She is the discipline coordinator of Visual Arts.