Creative Arts and English has a vibrant and diverse program of research and research-led practice in English and Creative Writing, Screen Studies, Theatre and Performance and Visual Arts and Visual Cultures. Its research in these areas was rated as world-standard in the 2018 ERA exercise.

The Department has strong links and partnerships with arts, cultural and community organisations across Victoria, with an exciting program of public engagement activities including art exhibitions, public events, school outreach, writing workshops and festivals, performances and academic conferences. Drawing on our local and regional partnerships, our work makes distinctive contributions to disciplinary and interdisciplinary debates and conversations across the globe.

Our research culture is inclusive, dynamic and high-quality, providing an inspiring and nurturing environment for academic and creative endeavours. We welcome applications from graduate students to join our research community. We also welcome contacts from researchers, practitioners and community partners who are interested in collaborative projects.

Further details of our research program, including contacts, are provided under the following research strengths and areas of focus.

For specific staff member's contact details please see our staff page.

Affect, emotion and society

Kim Baston, Jessie Boylan, Rob Conkie, Stephanie Downes, Andrew Goodman, Noel Maloney, Paddy O’Reilly, Juliane Roemhild, Ellen Smith, Terrie Waddell.

Australian literatures and cultures

Damien Barlow, Tom Ford, Kelly Gardiner, Catherine Padmore, Ellen Smith.

Ecocriticism and environmental humanities and arts

Kim Baston, Jessie Boylan, Rob Conkie, Tom Ford, Andrew Goodman, Alexis Harley, Bagryana Popov.

Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literatures and cultures

Vince Alessi, Kim Baston, Stephanie Downes, Tom Ford, Alexis Harley, Claire Knowles.

Innovative approaches to creative practice and collaboration

Justin Andrews, Kim Baston, Rob Conkie, Kelly Gardiner, Andrew Goodman, Alexis Harley, Ry Haskings, Noel Maloney, Jacqueline Millner, Paddy O’Reilly, Catherine Padmore, Jane Polkinghorne, Bagryana Popov, Terrie Waddell.

Studies in art institutions and practices

Vince Alessi, Justin Andrews, Kylie Banyard, Ry Haskings, Jacqueline Millner, Jane Polkinghorne, Caroline Wallace.

Studies in transmedia, intermedia and remediation

Kylie Banyard, Kim Baston, Jessie Boylan, Rob Conkie, Tom Ford, Ry Haskings, Claire Knowles, Noel Maloney, Jane Polkinghorne, Terrie Waddell.

Theories and histories of gender and feminism

Kylie Banyard, Damien Barlow, Jessie Boylan, Stephanie Downes, Kelly Gardiner, Claire Knowles, Jacqueline Millner, Jane Polkinghorne, Juliane Roemhild, Ellen Smith, Caroline Wallace.

Writing past lives

Vince Alessi, Kylie Banyard, Kim Baston, Stephanie Downes, Kelly Gardiner, Alexis Harley, Paddy O’Reilly, Catherine Padmore, Juliane Roemhild, Ellen Smith, Caroline Wallace.

Young adult literatures and cultures

Kelly Gardiner.

Emeritus and honorary researchers

Stephen Abblitt, Hadeel Abdelhameed, Larisa Bardsley, Susan Bye, Rolando Caputo, Felicity Collins, Anna Dzenis, Chris Feik, Mavis Ford, Dee Gill, Glenda Hambly, Hester Joyce, Judy Macklin, Mark Macklin, Maria Miranda, Christopher Palmer, Natalie Pirotta, Mark Poole, Alison Ravenscroft, Meredith Rogers, Mary Ross, Katherine Ryan, Lucy Sussex, Laurens Tan, Iain Topliss, Sandra Van Rompaey, Rebecca Waese, Nadine Bird, Emma Dalton, Susan Gillet, Gary Hill, Lynne Kelly, Gabrielle Marray, Mary Pomfret, Robyn Walton, Mike Nolan, Patrick Brennan, Julie Millowick.