About the Department

The Department of Creative Arts and English comprises award-winning writers and film-makers, cutting-edge theatre directors, visual artists specialising in photography, painting, sculpture and drawing, and experts in the scholarship of literature, language and culture, theatre and drama, screen studies and the visual.

La Trobe ranks in the top 20 universities in Australia and in the top 200 in the world for its Arts and Humanities subjects (The Times Higher Education World University Rankings by subject 2018)

La Trobe’s research in Cultural Studies, Literary Studies and Performing Arts and Creative Studies ranks ‘at world standard’ (ERA 2015-2016 assessment).

In addition to our disciplinary areas of English, Screen Studies, Theatre and Drama, and Visual Arts, the Department offers a range of trans-disciplinary studies. In these subjects, the literary, media, visual and dramatic arts are brought together in exciting ways. A first year subject, Moving Text, for example, examines a range of texts across history on the page, screen and stage and invites students to make their own written, filmed or staged contributions to this ongoing textual conversation.