About CPSGAP and objectives

The CPSGAP is international in outlook and is unique in two ways. Firstly, its primary focus is on research on public sector related issues. Secondly, it involves academics, practitioners, legislators and students within the Centre so that it can offer 'peer' support to those wishing to use its services.

The Centre has a high priority on research into public sector governance, accountability and performance issues using multidisciplinary approaches that include accounting, auditing, public sector, management and sociology.

The Director of the Centre is Professor Zahirul Hoque, who is well known internationally for his pioneering work on various public sector management and accounting issues. The Centre is located at La Trobe University's Melbourne (Bundoora) campus within La Trobe Business School in the Martin Building.


The Centre's broad objectives are:

  • To conduct and promote research into public sector related issues such as governance, accounting, accountability, auditing, sustainable management and performance management.
  • To provide a forum for practitioners, academics, students, politicians and others to explore social, economic and political aspects of the public sector.
  • To provide research development and academic support for the study of public sector issues by staff and postgraduate students at La Trobe University, including securing externally funded research grants.
  • To establish links with academics, practitioners and institutions, locally and internationally and enhance the networks to promote the Centre's activities.
  • To provide professional development (fee-for-service) training through short courses, seminars and workshops to the public sector.