The Centre for Public Sector Governance, Accountability and Performance (CPSGAP) is international in outlook and is unique in two ways. Firstly, its primary focus is on research on public sector related issues. Secondly, it involves academics, practitioners, legislators and students within the Centre, so that it can offer 'peer' support to those wishing to use its services.

The Director of the Centre is Professor Zahirul Hoque, who is well known internationally for his pioneering work on various public sector management and accounting issues.


The Centre’s mission is to undertake internationally recognised interdisciplinary research on emerging public sector governance and accountability related issues, synthesise diverse research outputs into practical solutions, and influence policy, regulation, and practice to promote adoption in Australia and overseas.

Research Focus

Strategy, governance, accountability and performance are key components to a democratic government. Good governance and performance can lead to better decision making by government and can be a significant factor in minimising the potential for mismanagement and corruption.

The Centre for Public Sector Governance, Accountability and Performance (CPSGAP), located at La Trobe University's Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus, has a long history and high priority on research into six thematic (not mutually exclusive) areas: Governance, Accountability, Financial Management, Strategy, Risk Management and Performance Management.

Strategic Objectives

The research strategic objectives of the Centre are to:

  1. Maintain and enhance our profile as an internationally recognised provider of multidisciplinary research that strengthen public sector accountability and governance in Australia and overseas.
  2. Increase research income and leveraging industry partners by engaging with one or two organisations such as treasury and health as a group to identify possible research ideas, based on the needs of the organisation(s) as identified.
  3. Bring accounting, finance, economics, management, sports, tourism, marketing. law, politics, healthcare, and social and environmental disciplines together to address issues relating to public services and communities.
  4. To provide research, development and academic support for parliament, parliamentary committees and parliamentary officers in issues of accountability and governance.
  5. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims.

Strategic Principles

The Centre’s is guided by the following principles:

  1. Research direction: six clearly defined research themes involving researchers from different disciplines across all Colleges/Schools and identify industry partners that researchers already have.
  2. Research approach: pure and applied research that is, where possible, multidisciplinary.
  3. Research collaboration: networking with researchers, practitioners, government agencies, consultants and professional bodies in our areas of strength.
  4. Research culture: fostering professional development, peer support and recognition.
  5. Research skills: through mentoring and training.
  6. Communication: supporting engagement of members with community to increase input into research and to disseminate research outcomes.