Study Abroad Programs

Entrance requirements

Entry to individual subjects may be dependent on prerequisites and class limitations. Students who are currently completing or have completed their last year of Secondary/High School will be required to meet the minimum academic entry requirements for the undergraduate degree program that best matches their Study Abroad program. Secondary/High school students will only be eligible for entry into first-year subjects or subjects with no prerequisites. Students applying for the Postgraduate Business Administration Study Abroad Program must have completed an undergraduate degree from any discipline and/or have relevant work experience.


Study Abroad Program (One Semester) - (4 to 26 week program)

Study Abroad Program (Two Semesters) – (52 week program)

Study Abroad Program (Postgraduate Business Administration) (13 weeks)

Study Abroad Program (Postgraduate Business Administration) (26 weeks)

Learning outcomes

The Study Abroad Program involves students undertaking one or two semesters of study at La Trobe University, usually for crediting to a degree program back in their home country. The subjects that the students select are pre-approved by La Trobe University to assist student in obtaining credit transfer at their home institution. The Study Abroad program allows students to take subject from their chosen field of study or major, or across disciplines that interest the student. The benefit is the flexibility and the invaluable overseas study experience.

Exit standard

Students completing a Study Abroad Program generally receive credit towards their programs of study at their home institution.


Not Applicable.