Postgraduate Certificate

Entrance level

A Postgraduate Certificate should refer to those courses for which a Bachelor degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline as an entrance requirement. Special entry requires qualifications and experience equivalent to a degree in the same disciplinary area.


The equivalent of six months of full time study (60 credit points)

Learning outcomes (AQF)

Postgraduate Certificates are generally designed for the broadening and deepening of skills and knowledge already gained in an undergraduate program.

Exit standard

A Postgraduate Certificate normally consists of material offered at least at fourth or honours year level which pursues the undergraduate discipline at a deeper or broader level, developing cumulative, sequential and specialist discipline knowledge. The coursework should be distinctively postgraduate in its depth and breadth of coverage of topics. Postgraduate Certificates can articulate to Postgraduate Diplomas and then to Masters Degrees that have research and coursework components.


Successful candidates are normally awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in (specialisation) or a Postgraduate Certificate in (discipline). The abbreviated title is PGCert…