Master by Research Degree

Entrance Level

For admission to a Master's by Research degree, applicants must have completed a Bachelor's degree with Honours from La Trobe University or another recognised university or educational institution. The Honours degree should normally have been completed at the level of H1or H2A or equivalent. Applicants with Honours at H2B level may be considered in some instances.


A Master's by Research degree is normally of two years full-time duration (or equivalent part time) and requires students to demonstrate competence in conducting a supervised research project.

Learning outcomes (AQF)

Characteristics of learning outcomes at this level include the mastery or overview of the relevant field of study involving the acquisition of in-depth understanding in a specific area of knowledge undertaken through research.

A graduate of a Master's by Research is able to:

  • provide appropriate evidence of advanced knowledge about a specialist body of theoretical and/or applied topics;
  • demonstrate a high order of skill in analysis, critical evaluation through the planning and execution of a piece of scholarship or research; and
  • demonstrate creativity and flexibility in the application of knowledge and skills to new situations, to solve complex problems and to think rigorously and independently.

The research for the Master's by Research must be carried out during the candidature, although the thesis may refer to work published by the candidate prior to commencing.

Exit standard

Candidates for a Master's degree by Research must submit a thesis that makes a contribution to knowledge in an approved area. A stand-alone thesis should not exceed 45,000 words.

Where a creative or practice-based component forms part of the submission for examination, the thesis should not exceed 25,000 words.


Successful candidates are awarded a Master of (specialisation/discipline).