Honours Bachelor Degree

Entrance level

The minimum entry requirement is completion of a three year Bachelor Degree with an average grade level of B (marks of 70-79%) in subjects constituting at least 50 per cent of the third year and germane to the Honours course. Heads of School and Departments shall determine which subjects are relevant. Students who are eligible for admission in a particular discipline, but whose initial undergraduate degree is different from that which is considered mainstream for the discipline, may transfer from their initial degree to the honours year in the mainstream degree and graduate with both degrees. [For example a student having completed a BA majoring in Psychology, may be a candidate for the BBSc (Honours) and graduate with both degrees.]

For honours programs studied concurrently with a pass degree, eligibility shall normally be determined on the basis of performance in the penultimate year of the course. An average of at least ‘B’ (70 – 79%) level in major subjects germane to the degree is required for eligibility for the award of Honours.


The normal duration is the equivalent of 1 year of full time study (120 credit points) if entry is on completion of the pass degree. For a concurrently studied Honours degree, the normal duration is the equivalent of 4 years full-time study (480 credit points).

Learning outcomes (AQF)

  • the acquisition of a systematic and coherent body of knowledge, the underlying principles and concepts, and the associated communication and problem-solving skills;
  • development of the academic skills and attributes necessary to undertake research, comprehend and evaluate new information, concepts and evidence from a range of sources;
  • development of the ability to review, consolidate, extend and apply the knowledge and techniques learnt, including in a professional context;
  • a foundation for self-directed and lifelong learning; and
  • interpersonal and teamwork skills appropriate to employment and/or further study.

Exit standard

The primary focus for an Honours Program should be on research training. The Honours Bachelor Degree normally contains a mix of advanced theory, research training and a research project leading to a thesis (in fields such as the creative arts, an alternative form of presentation may be appropriate). The research component of the Honours year shall constitute 30-70 percent of the year’s work, with a thesis word length of 10000 - 15000 words.

Honours grades correspond to marks as follows:

  • H1 > 80
  • H2A 70-79
  • H2B 60-69
  • H3 50-59

Graduates with an H1 or H2A are eligible to apply for entry to the PhD.


The award is usually the Bachelor of (field of study/specialisation) with Honours.