Graduate Certificate

Entrance level

A Graduate Certificate should refer to those courses for which a Bachelor degree or equivalent in any discipline is an entrance requirement. Special entry requires qualifications and experience equivalent to a degree. A nested Graduate Certificate may be an alternative entry pathway to the Graduate Diploma.


The equivalent of six months of full time study (60 credit points)

Learning outcomes (AQF)

Graduate Certificates are generally designed to broaden skills already gained in an undergraduate program, or develop knowledge and skills in a new discipline or area of study. They are frequently aimed at specific vocational purposes, offering professional or vocational skills and knowledge.

Exit standard

A Graduate Certificate normally consists of material offered at the undergraduate level. There should be an appropriate mix of subjects at first, second and third year level to provide a certificate with coherent learning outcomes, but also to facilitate articulation and credit transfer into the Graduate Diploma.

Graduate Certificates can articulate to Graduate Diplomas or Masters Degrees that have a coursework emphasis


Successful candidates are normally awarded a Graduate Certificate in (specialisation) or a Graduate Certificate in (discipline).