Faculty Certificate

Entrance level

The normal admission requirement for a Faculty Certificate is satisfactory completion of Year 12 Certificate or equivalent, including relevant professional experience. Recognition of Prior Learning is determined by the relevant Faculty.


If no advanced standing is given, the equivalent of six months of full time study (60 credit points)

Learning outcomes (AQF)

Faculty Certificates are frequently aimed at specific vocational purposes, offering professional or vocational skills and knowledge.

Exit standard

Faculty Certificates create eligibility for entry to Diplomas (postgraduate, graduate or undergraduate) in ways specified by individual faculties and approved by the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Committee in the context of admission requirements for the relevant diplomas.

Certificates containing subjects at an academic level below that of the relevant Diploma would allow entry into the Diploma but would not permit credit to be granted for the subjects taken within the certificate.

Certificates containing subjects of the same academic level or higher than the relevant diploma, would allow entry to the diploma with credit, if the subjects in the certificate are equivalent to any in the relevant diploma.


Faculty Certificates are faculty qualification categories and the naming of certificates is the responsibility of the faculties concerned. Faculties may choose to award a Professional Certificate, Faculty Certificate, Executive Certificate or other suitable name.