Associate Degree

Entrance level

There are a range of pathways to the Associate degree, including completion of Year 12 (subject to established prerequisites); mature age or special entry programs; bridging or foundation programs; completion of relevant VET qualifications including Certificate IV; or Diploma programs which may involve articulation and credit transfer arrangements. Entry to an Associate Degree would not normally presume significant work experience or employment prior to or concurrent with study.


The Associate Degree is a qualification of two years duration post-year 12 (240 credit points).

Learning outcomes (AQF)

Characteristics of learning outcomes include:

  • acquisition of the foundational underpinnings of one or more disciplines, including understanding and interpretation of key concepts and theories and how they are evolving within the relevant scientific, technical, social and cultural contexts;
  • development of the academic skills and attributes necessary to access, comprehend and evaluate information from a range of sources;
  • development of generic employment-related skills relevant to a range of employment contexts;
  • a capacity for self-directed and lifelong learning.

Exit standard

A course leading to the Associate Degree is generally but not exclusively articulated with relevant Bachelor Degree programs. A course leading to an Associate Degree will vary in breadth and depth according to whether it is a single or multi-disciplinary program but will be taken to sufficient depth to provide a basis for full articulation with relevant Bachelor Degree programs.

An Associate Degree qualification provides a broad-based point of entry to employment, in particular in a range of associate professional occupations, and an introduction to the foundations of a discipline or across several disciplines. Specialist preparation to meet the practitioner requirements of the professional associations or industry would be expected to occur through subsequent completion of a professional Bachelor Degree


Successful candidates are awarded an Associate Degree in (field of study/specialisation).