Coursework Committee is a subcommittee of the Education Committee, which reports to the Academic Board (PDF 54KB). The Academic Board has oversight of academic quality assurance in the University.


Dr Peter Vitartas, Acting Academic Director (Educational Partnerships and Quality), Chair

Dr Silvia McCormack, College Academic Coursework Coordinator, ASSC

Ms Felicity Blackstock, College Academic Coursework Coordinator, SHE

Professor Paula Baron, College APVC(Coursework) ASSC

Dr Tony Baker, College APVC(Coursework) SHEC

Dr Chris Scanlon, Academic Director, Learning Focus Area Hub

Mr Fotios Lampropoulos, nominee of Executive Director, Student Services and Administration

Mr Greg Jamieson, Nominee of Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Ms Betty Belay, Student Representative

Professor Richard Speed, PVC(Regional)

Ms Liz Stinson, Executive Director, International

Ms Charlotte Clemens, University Library

Dr Rhonda Hallett, La Trobe Learning and Teaching

College Curriculum Projects Teams

Each College has, within the College Education Team, two staff members with expertise in preparing the required procedural documentation. They are:

ASSC: Ms Bindhu George and Ms Ruchi Prasad

SHE: Ms Leanne Douglas and Ms Samantha Ashton-Riemann

Terms of reference

Terms of Reference for University Committees (website)