All forms for courses are located on the Course Lifecycles intranet site.

When designing and seeking approval for new courses, revising, suspending or closing a coursework program, certain forms need to be completed and submitted to University Committees. You are advised to read the following documents before starting the approvals process. More information on each process may be found on the Course Lifecycles intranet site.

College Education Teams

Each College has an Education Team which may advise on procedures and completion of the information required by the Committees.

Your College Education Team can provide assistance with completing the relevant templates. You should also consult the Library's website for course development.

The University is constrained by a number of dates set by external bodies when developing, changing, suspending or closing courses. These dates are for the year prior to commencing (or altering, suspending or closing) the course, unless otherwise noted.

Key dates

Dates set by external bodies 
MarchPostgraduate information deadlines
AprilDIISRTE fee publication deadline
AprilVTAC Guide deadline
AprilVICTER deadline - Published for Year 10 students, this requires information on pre-requisites and requirements 3 years before introduction (2 years for existing courses)
MayUAC Guide deadline
JulyDIISRTE campus file closes


  1. For courses to be offered to International students a minimum 12 month lead time applies.
  2. Suspending or closing a course affects not only those students enrolled in the course, but also those who may have deferred commencement or taken a leave of absence. As a result, all requests to suspend or close a course should be submitted a MINIMUM of six months prior to the intended date of effect. Courses which have been available to International students require a minimum 12 month lead time for closures or suspensions.

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