Meet our student

Rob Barker

Course of study:
Bachelor of Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology)(Honours) Doctor of Philosophy (Muscle Physiology)

When I started my course I wanted a viable career preferably working in an outside environment. Conservation was a hot topic and La Trobe offered a course that seemed the best option for me. The range of conservation-related subjects with field components such as zoology and botany were very appealing.

The La Trobe campus itself is one of the main reasons I chose this University. It's very laid back and open, which is reflected in the people that work and study here. There’s a myriad of student clubs and social activities to keep you entertained.

I’m currently studying my PhD in muscle physiology, an interest which I developed during my undergraduate degree. The research facilities and working environment are top notch at La Trobe and can be seen in the high quality of research. I’m looking forward to making the most of all available facilities in the coming years.

Actively volunteer and go on as many field trips and excursions as possible; there's always a lot more going on than you realise.

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