Meet our student

Aiden Nibali

Course of study:
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering / Bachelor of Computer Science

I chose the double degree because of my interest in both electronics and computer science. The two areas of study complement each other and widen my career opportunities.

The staff at La Trobe are friendly and always happy to discuss topics that extend beyond the scope of a particular subject. As part of my scholarship I was assigned a mentor who helped me start writing my first research paper, which was an incredible learning experience.

I love doing the electronics subjects which involve programming microcontrollers or field-programmable gate arrays, as it is very satisfying to see the code I write actually control real hardware.

The best thing about La Trobe is the community feel; you can just be who you are and still belong. I really enjoy the student club I am a part of. I find that gathering with other students who share a common interest helps me get through some of the harder weeks.

Good study skills are invaluable all the way through a university course. I recommend getting into the habit of keeping up with work and spreading the load.

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