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A clever combination

A clever combination

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Bachelor of Biomedicine

Our biochemistry and cell biology research is rated above world standard.

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Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Prepare yourself for a career in a diverse range of medical and biotechnology fields.

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Bachelor of Science

Become real-world ready with our practical teaching approach.

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Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences

There is a huge demand for agricultural scientists in this rapidly growing industry.

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In addition to these listed courses, we’ve got a range of other exciting science degrees:

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Smaller lab classes mean more hands-on teaching

*Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015

Tackling the HIV/AIDS crisis in PNG

Dr Joseph Tucci describes the combination of genetics and pharmacology, pharmacogenetics, and how genes affect the way our bodies respond to medication.

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Richard Garrett

Richard Garrett

Graduate, Bachelor of Science (Honours)/ Master of Nanotechnology and Diploma of Languages (Japanese)

“The science of tiny leads to a big adventure abroad”


After completing Year 12, Richard was drawn to study at La Trobe as it was one of the few places offering a multidisciplinary science course with a nanotechnology program.

‘Having subjects that allow us to use facilities like the Australian Synchrotron and the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication is awesome,’ he explains.

Through his studies, Richard spent two weeks in Japan attending the Nanotech Expo in Tokyo, and touring some of the country’s biggest research facilities. He also secured a six-month internship at Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science.

‘Being able to work within a Japanese research institute showed me an amazing new way to approach science, and I managed to publish my research as a first author paper,’ he says.

‘All my lecturers were supportive, and the practical, hands-on work means when I enter the workforce, I will be able to contribute immediately.’

Richard is looking to pursue a career in science communication and consultancy.

Ally Mangion

Ally Mangion

Current student, Bachelor of Biomedical Science

“I knew studying in the LIMS would inspire me to be the best student I could be”


‘I knew studying in the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS) would inspire me to be the best student I could be. I enjoy interacting with my lecturers, who are often doing world-class research.

I also chose La Trobe because of the Hallmark Program – it gave La Trobe an edge over all the other universities. I appreciate being able to study a wide variety of subjects in many disciplines. Something I was not expecting was the connections I have made with some of my lecturers. My lecturers have always been approachable and available whenever I have needed them.’

Ally has completed internships with the Hulett Laboratory within LIMS and another with the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. As part of the Hallmark Program, she’s also travelled to Hong Kong, Chengdu, Shanghai and Chongqing. After graduating, she wants to keep studying and pursue a career in research.

Ally Mangion
Bachelor of Biomedical Science** student

**This degree is now called the Bachelor of Biomedicine when studied at the Melbourne Campus.

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