Meet our student

Ms Grace Rodaughan

Course of study:
Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master in Occupational Therapy 2013

What goals/needs were you thinking about when you chose your course? 

I always knew I wanted to work in a health field because I love the thought of helping other people. I wanted something that was a bit more professional then a nurse but not too hard to get into, and so Occupational Therapy was perfect for me. There is a heap of work out there for OT's especially in rural area’s and with our aging population and the pay is very good even for a graduate.

What pathway did you take to La Trobe

I came straight from year 12 to La Trobe because I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

What are the best things about your course and about La Trobe?

My course is a Bachelor and a Masters in one and La Trobe is one of the few universities in Australia that offers this. It means I will not have to do any other studies in the future to get the highest qualifications. My course has really good teaching staffs that know what they are talking about and many of them have been health professionals in the past so you can always find someone to talk to about your profession. Another great thing is that all of my lectures are recorded online so if I can’t make it to a lecture for some reason or simply don't feel like going into University just for one lecture, I can easily watch it online in the comfort of my own home.

Where do you see the course taking you - do you have a specific job or career path in mind, or maybe further studies? Do you think your course gives you good career opportunities?

As my course is a Master's, it will take me straight into the workforce with already having such high qualifications. I will complete 1000 hours of placement after the 4 years in my course, so this gives me a lot of hands-on practice in the field and will allow me to feel confident in my job when I do start work. You can choose from a large variety of hospitals and health care facilities to do your placement which will allow me to know exactly what field I will want to work in when I graduate.

If you're on a scholarship, tell us a little about how it’s affected your studies and life at La Trobe…

I am on a scholarship at La Trobe which has significantly helped my financial situations while studying. Textbooks and things required for the course can be quite expensive so the scholarship I receive means I can easily pay for these extra expenses and not have the stress and burden of having to find the money myself. I also live on residence at Menzies College, so the scholarship has helped significantly with paying for this cost.

What do you like most about your campus?

Bundoora is a really nice old campus and is really green which I love because I come from a country town and it doesn’t feel like you are too close to the city, although it is conveniently only half an hour away which is great for shopping! The Health Science buildings where I have most of my classes are really comfortable large lectures, and they usually broadcast the lectures from other rooms and campuses which is quite interesting.

What do you think about La Trobe's accommodation facilities and the on-campus lifestyle?

I live at Menzies College and absolutely love the lifestyle. As I came from a very small country town the idea of moving to the city was a little daunting, but living on res made it so much easier. The college is located minutes away from all of my classes and has great facilities such as access to a gym, a cafe and study lounges. We have fantastic support networks including a senior on each floor and many other second year students to assist you in starting uni. There is also a study support network where each faculty meet up once a week to discuss the course work and assessments they are doing. For those who enjoy the social life, all of the colleges have great activities almost every week and you are able to develop so many new friends. 

Do you have any good tips for secondary students who are hoping to study at uni?

I would advise theme to aim to do the course you wish to and not worry about how far away the campus is or the costs because in the end it is worth it. If you are moving from a long way to study here I would definitely recommend living on campus because the experiences and support you will gain here are fantastic and will really make your transition to uni.

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