Meet our student

Ms Cloe Chenevier

Course of study:
Bachelor of Human Services/ Master of Social Work 2012

What goals/needs were you thinking about when you chose your course?

My goal from when I was about 15 has been to be a Social Worker because I have the need to help others. The reason that I chose La Trobe is because I had heard great things about La Trobe as a University and also because this University offered me a Double Degree in four years compared to other Universities wherein a Double Degree of the same standing may take up to 5 or 6 years.

What pathway did you take to La Trobe?

My pathway was directly through Year 12.

What are the best things about your course and about La Trobe?

The best things about the course are; tutors and lecturers that have worked in the Social Work field and are therefore knowledgeable in that area and the subjects are relevant and interesting. The best things about La Trobe are; their extensive Library resources, well chosen teaching staff and the social aspect of La Trobe is fantastic. 

Where do you see the course taking you – do you have a specific job or career path in mind, or maybe further studies? Do you think your course gives you good career opportunities?

I see this course taking me to a job in Youth Justice which is my ultimate, though really with the qualifications I will receive I will have the opportunity to work in almost any field. I have thought about further studies, perhaps specialisation in Art Therapy. The course gives excellent career opportunities.

What do you like most about your campus?

I like where the La Trobe campus is situated firstly, it's a really beautiful and peaceful area. I do also like the resources such as the Library and the extensive online resources. The entertainment is fantastic too!

Do you have any good tips for secondary students who are hoping to study at uni?

Yeah. Always try your best during Year 12 but remember that there are other ways to enter Universities, not purely through your ENTER score. Find a University that you really like and offers you an amazing course, this will ensure that you stay interested throughout your studies. Finally, get involved in the social life of the University of your choice it helps you to make new friends.

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