Meet our student

Ms Alison Leech

Course of study:
Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Podiatric Practice 2012

What goals/ needs were you thinking about when you chose your course.

I have always wanted to work with people, and found I was interested in a lot of jobs within the health care branch. One of the biggest incentives for me to study Podiatry was that in the future I would be able to move back to the country. Where I grew up, in rural Victoria, there is a Podiatrist working, whom my family members have seen, my grandparents, and I know how appreciative they and the rest of the community is, to have that service so close, and not having to drive to the nearest city to see a Podiatrist.
I also considered highly making sure I was going to go into a career where there would be many jobs out there to choose from. There is a growing demand for Podiatrists out there, in metro areas, as well as in the country, so I will have a range of choices for where I wish to work.

What pathway did you take to La Trobe?

In 2008 I completed my VCE and enrolled to start my degree the following year

What are the best things about your course and about La Trobe, for you.

The teaching staff are all very friendly and happy to help you out. The intake of students is relatively small compared to some courses, so it’s been a really nice way to get to know most people in the class. We do a lot of team based assignments so we are always getting to work with different people as well.
At La Trobe here in Bundoora is the Health Sciences Clinic, where we have been throughout first semester this year practicing on our fellow classmates. In the coming years we will be able to see, assess and treat patients from the wider community in this clinic.
The best thing about this uni for me is the location and surroundings. It is a really beautiful campus that has a lot of trees, wildlife, grassy areas, and walking paths.

Where do you see the course taking you?

Once I complete my 4 year course I will be a qualified Podiatrist. I will have the choice to work anywhere in Australia, and even some places overseas such as the UK. I think this course gives us excellent career opportunities. Throughout the course there are work placements, which give you an understanding and appreciation of the different fields associated with Podiatry, public, private, sports, paediatrics etc.

With this degree, there is also the option of completing your Honours whilst in 4th year, and in the future a PhD. In addition, there is also the ability a few years down the track to return to study Podiatric Surgery, however I have not really considered this at this stage, im just keen to get into the work force and enjoy practicing as a Podiatrist.

If you live on Campus tell us what you think about La Trobe's accommodation facilities and the on-campus lifestyle

I live on campus, in Chisholm College. I think living on campus has been a great experience for me. I live just over 200km North of Melbourne on a farm near a town called Mitiamo, so living on campus took away the stress of having to find a house to share with people I wouldn't have known. At college you have the opportunity to meet and make friends with so many people, both local and international. There are many opportunities living in a college. There are teams of people people here in charge of organising and running social events, for academic support and for general pastoral care. This year I was part of the Residential Assistance team at Chisholm, and our job is to support residents with pastoral care issues. It is just a really nice place to live at, with the trees, and wildlife, and great walking paths.
Another great thing about living on campus is the convenience. Your class is never far away.

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