Meet our student

Laura Huguenin Ms Laura Huguenin

Course of study:
Bachelor of Nursing 2011

What are your career aspirations and where do you see yourself after graduating from your course?
After graduation I hope to complete my graduate year at the Austin hospital and following that I would like to continue my education by being involved in a Academic Advancement year in Emergency at the hospital which adds to post graduate credits. I would eventually like to finish my ICU post grad to enable me to specialize in ICU, CCU, Emergency and Theatre. I would love to travel to Europe and work as an emergency nurse in the future also.

Why did you choose to study at La Trobe University?
I made my university choice Latrobe as it was recognized for having one of the strongest Health Science Dept in Victoria. Its reputation in terms of nursing graduates were above those of other universities, and on application the impression I got from staff as to the set up and organization of the course was of a higher quality than other universities. As a bonus it was also close to home.

Have you been on clinical placements and did you find them useful? What was the highlight of the experience?
I have participated in 5 clinical rotations so far, and believe these are the highlight of the course in its entirety. They enabled me to consolidate the knowledge and skills I had learnt and provided a realistic practical application of them. I believe if I hadn’t had the opportunity to participate in placements I would not have performed as well in the theoretical components of the course.

Have you found the La Trobe environment helpful and supportive in terms of the facilities, staff and services?
I have found that in general the staff and services at Latrobe to be supportive, although like all facilities this can come down to the individual that is being dealt with. I feel some staff members have not been overly supportive, but others have been remarkable.

What do you enjoy the most about studying at La Trobe University?
I enjoy studying at Latrobe as I believe the facilities available in the Health Science division are great. I also love the town like feeling of the campus, as there are so many facilities available to students, whether it be financial, legal, housing, travel, banking or simply eating out.

What would you say to prospective students who were thinking of studying at La Trobe University?
I would say that Latrobe is a fun, family like environment to study at, where you have the choice to either fully engage in the university lifestyle, joining clubs and going to bar nights etc. but you can also dedicate your time to your studies without feeling the pressure of yours peers as your would have in secondary education. It is a fun experience, and Latrobe services make the transition as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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