Practical Classroom Management

Advance your understanding of classroom management. Learn practical tools to create engaging classrooms.

Get effective tools to use in the classroom every day. Learn the latest best practice from author Ollie Lovell, who produces the popular Education Research Reading Room podcast, and Dr Mark Dowley, who’s worked with hundreds of schools to improve classroom instruction.

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​Session 1: Monday 27 February
Session 2: Tuesday 7 March
Session 3: Tuesday ​14 March
Session 4: Monday 20 March

Time/s 4.15 pm to 5.45 pm AEST
Duration 6 hours (4 x 1.5-hour sessions) 
Registration close 11.55 pm Sunday 19 February 2023
Prerequisite/s There are no prerequisites for this course.
Certification Certificate of Attendance
Fee/s $385.00 inc. GST

This short course is designed to provide practical, evidence-informed strategies for managing behavioural challenges in schools. Designed for educators and other professionals working in schools, the four weekly classes will introduce you to evidence-based approaches for creating engaging classrooms. You’ll explore a variety of principles, techniques and strategies that can help you better support children as they learn.

Learn from respected education experts from the Crowther Centre, including author Ollie Lovell who produces the popular Education Research Reading Room podcast. Learn with currently practising teachers who are working in the classroom every day. Gain valuable knowledge that no textbook can give you.

Effective classroom management is key to happy and successful students and teachers. Research shows that well-managed classrooms can dramatically improve student outcomes and improve teachers’ job satisfaction. By employing evidence-based approaches to classroom management, educators and schools can create new policies and practices that improve wellbeing and learning outcomes for their students.

This course is recommended for all teachers and school leaders. It was specially designed to equip them with the skills they need to better support children to be engaged in learning.

Why learn about classroom management?

Improving classroom behaviour benefits both students and teachers.

Empirical studies consistently show that engaging and well-managed classrooms enhance student behaviour and achievement. They are a necessary condition for effective teaching and learning (Marzano et al, 2003, and Oliver et al, 2011). Teacher expectations, behaviours and interactions in the classroom all affect how well students learn (Grattan, 2017).

Additionally, good teacher-student relationships are the most important influence on teachers’ job satisfaction and sense of efficacy (Freeman et al. 2014, p. 144).

Disruptive behaviour is a major challenge for teachers. According to the Grattan Institute, classroom management is the top professional learning priority for Australian teachers (Goss and Sonnemann, 2017). The same study also found up to 40% of Australian students are regularly unproductive. Therefore, many teachers could benefit from improving their classroom management skills, resulting in better learning for their students.

Course content

Each week, you’ll learn practical tools to use in the classroom. Study in a supportive learning environment, mentored by our experienced and dedicated teaching staff.

Each week will build on the last, with the 1.5-hour classes introducing you to an evidence-based framework for managing student behaviour and establishing a productive classroom environment. From the classroom to school-wide approaches, you’ll explore a variety of principles, techniques and strategies that can help you better support students as they learn.

You’ll learn:

  • Week 1: Classroom management. Explore frameworks that will help you to deeply understand classroom management, routines and belonging.
  • Week 2: Fluent corrections. Learn practical strategies to support positive student behaviours.
  • Week 3: Instructional practices. Learn new strategies to increase engagement.
  • Week 4: Challenging behaviour. Explore how to work with challenging behaviours and learn how to establish a school-wide support system for behaviour management.

Your study experience

All sessions will be presented live, with the sessions recorded for participants who are unable to attend.

Over the four weeks, you’ll be encouraged to engage with our academics and other students through a range of materials and learning forums.

Your study commitment will be approximately 1.5 hours per week of in-class engagement, plus an additional hour of independent work.

To receive a Certificate of Completion to submit towards your annual CPD hours you will be required to meet activity and participation requirements.

Dr Mark Dowley

Dr Mark Dowley is an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Education at La Trobe University and is Associate Head – Staff Development and Instruction at the Crowther Centre.

Through his research role in the Crowther Centre, he explores how research can be used to build capacity throughout an organisation and improve outcomes for students and staff. He also facilitates an Instructional Coaching Network and has been acknowledged for his contributions to multiple books on coaching and staff development.

Mark has received awards for his teaching from VCAA and The Educator Magazine. His professional learning program was also the inaugural recipient of the international ‘Gold Award’ for professional learning and mentoring from Leeds Beckett University and received an excellence award the Australian Education Awards. Mark completed his Doctor of Education and Master’s in Education Policy (International) at the University of Melbourne.

Learn more about Dr Mark Dowley.

Extra requirements

  1. Broadband internet access and an active email address that can be accessed at home during study periods.
  2. Students must have basic computer literacy skills (e.g. Word or other word processing software).

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T: 1300 135 045


This program is subject to minimum enrolment numbers. A refund will be provided if the program is cancelled.