Staff profile - Maureen Long

Staff profile

Maureen Long

Discipline Lead – Social Work, Department of Community and Clinical Allied Health | School of Allied Health

Students of social work at La Trobe University gain access to more than just teachers, they get to work with some of the finest and most dedicated practitioners in the industry.

Educators come from backgrounds in disciplines including; child and family welfare, Indigenous issues, drug and alcohol, advocacy and people with disabilities.

Maureen Long is the Discipline Lead of Social Work and she said it was this rich experience that most benefited students in the Bachelor of Human Services and Master of Social Work courses.

'What makes this different is that we have very strong research that supports our teaching,' she said.

'The other thing is that we are very experienced practitioners. Even though we do have some career academics, most of us actually have very strong practice backgrounds. Our teaching and our research is very grounded in high quality social work practice across a range of contexts.'

'So we've got this very strong practice background, with influenced research and it comes out in our teaching and our passion for our discipline.'