Professor Sally Knipe

Professor Sally Knipe

Staff profile

Associate Professor Sally Knipe

Director of Teacher Education
La Trobe University
College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

A veteran secondary school teacher, Sally was elected to the New South Wales Board of Studies, which inspired her move into higher education.

‘I was originally a secondary school teacher and during the course of the career I was elected to a curriculum committee for the New South Wales Board of Studies where I met an academic who gave me insights into what it would mean to gain additional qualifications and move into the higher education sector,’ she said.

But it’s about more than just teaching the teachers for Sally, with the current Master’s program being rebuilt under her watch to address some of the challenges in teacher education.

This includes setting new program standards for accreditation, making the program more focused on diversity, and more closely marrying theory and practice.

There is also a new focus on understanding the teaching process understanding how children learn and the impact teachers have on student learning.