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Brian Williams

Technical Product Manager, Security
Cyber Security Centre of Excellence

‘Cybersecurity is a long-term career choice. It’s going to be quite an exciting one for the next few years because there’s going to be constant change. If you embark on the pathway into cybersecurity, you’ll keep learning for the rest of your career.

When I first entered cybersecurity, there weren’t really any formal courses. You had to learn on the job and you had to build a profile. The benefit of La Trobe’s Master of Cybersecurity degrees is there has been considerable input from government and the private sector. Industry partners take an active role in mentoring students. So, studying a Master of Cybersecurity gives you an advantage in that your profile is raised immediately with the organisations likely to employ you.

You’re working within industry or within government as part of the course, so you’re a step ahead already. People know you’ve got a particular skills base. You become much more employable.’