Dr Torab Torabi

Staff profile

Dr Torab Torabi

Senior Lecturer, IBL and Industry-based Project Coordinator
College of Science, Health and Engineering
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Torab Torabi is a La Trobe veteran, having worked at the University since 1992.

His current role is the ICT project coordinator for the Master of Information and Communication Technology. This involves developing industry project subjects where industry representatives are invited to provide problems, which are solved by the students in this course in a competitive group environment.

“Every team and every student within the course, they need to do that industry project as part of their final subject, and they will able to learn this expertise, come up with problem solving and come up with a solution in a team environment,” Torab said.

“So when they go out there they know how to work within a team, using industry tools.”

Some of the industries involved include Air Service Australia and Pivot Maritime International which has a large simulation lab in La Trobe University.

“I have been working with more than 100 different companies. Some of these solutions are being used with the companies now,” Torab said. The project is 12 months long, and teams develop the latest technology and industry tools, they do requirement analysis, understand the problem, they do the design, they come up with the solution, the documentation and during the year they present to their customer and get feedback from the customer.