Dr Kok-Leong Ong

Staff profile

Dr Kok-Leong Ong

Associate Professor, Program Director (Business Analytics)
La Trobe Business School
College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Dr Kok-Leong Ong’s distinguished academic career is complemented by many years’ experience in the industry.

He began as a computer scientist 15 years ago, and explains the way his role changed as the industry shifted.

‘Many years back, my role as a computer scientist was to help business be more efficient. As technology matures, businesses are turning to data and analytics professionals to help them be more strategic.’ he said.

‘I joined La Trobe in 2015 with the opportunity to develop a program for a new breed of analytics professionals .’

He is now program director for La Trobe’s suite of Business Analytics programs. That includes the flagship Master of Business Analytics, the graduate diploma in business analytics and certificate in business analytics.

He has also helped craft the curriculum for the Master of Data Science program, the Master of Cybersecurity and a new course set to start in 2018, Master of Sports Analytics.