Dr Darren Henry

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Dr Darren Henry

La Trobe Business School
Head of the Department of Economics and Finance, Director of the Master of International Business, Associate Professor, Corporate Finance

If experience is the best teacher, then Dr Darren Henry has one of the most storied educations you can get. Since completing his PhD in 1996 and joining La Trobe University as a lecturer in 1997, Dr Henry has had a wide array of experience in financial management.

Dr Henry is a Research Fellow for macroeconomics.com.au, a pre-eminent modelling, forecasting, costing and analysis organisation in Canberra that is key in shaping public policy.

Corporate finance and governance, and quantitative finance are his present research interests, covering the likes of: decision making, institutional ownership, mergers and acquisitions, capital structure policy, wider ownership, control issues, and more.

Students can attest to Dr Henry’s knowledge, with 16 PhD research students and over 40 Honours students successfully completing their study under his guidance. Dr Henry has recently been appointed as the Director of La Trobe’s Master of International Business.