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Our partnership with Australian Lawyers for Human Rights

La Trobe University is not only making a difference for law students forging their way into new careers, it is helping the broader community through its partnership with the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR).

Randa Rafiq is the secretariat of ALHR and also the Clinical and Human Rights Advocacy Coordinator at La Trobe Law School. She said the partnership was formed in July 2016 to help students develop their communication and research skills. Students also gain real world experience while helping organisations battling for resources assist more people than they could before.

‘There’s always a need and a lack of funding in the community settings,’ Randa said.

'Students help out by seeing a number of clients the organisation may not have been able to assist with.’

Some of the organisations students have been matched with include the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), the Law Institute of Victoria, the Neighbourhood Justice Centre as well as various public and private outreach centres and organisations.

Students get to work directly with lawyers and then shadow them in court to get a broad view on the entire process.

‘They see it in action. It’s really great for them to get the whole overview of the process and the case they are working on,’ Randa said.