How your fee is calculated

The annual course cost is estimated based on a full time load of 8 subjects a year with a Commonwealth Supported Place (where the Australian Government contributes part of your course fees).  The annual fee listed is your contribution, which you can pay when you are in a job after uni with a government HECS-HELP loan, or pay up front for a small discount.

The annual fee is calculated based on doing all 8 subjects in the same area as your main degree. (Except for the Bachelor of Nursing, where the calculation is based on the set sequence of first year subjects.) If you are doing a business degree and do a few electives from a humanities area for example, you will have a lower annual fee.

For more information on HECS-HELP loans and Commonwealth Supported Places, see the Australian Government Study Assist website.


  • The student contribution for a Bachelor of Business subject in 2015 is $1,283.
  • If you do all 8 subjects in business, the annual fee is $10,264.
  • If you choose to do a humanities elective, your annual fee will be lower because it is in a lower priced funding cluster.

Calculate your actual fees

You can calculate your actual course fees once you have selected all your subjects for the year.

Get more information on fees for domestic and international students.