Environmental management and ecology

Why study environmental management and ecology?

Learn about environmental management and ecology and how to study, protect and manage ecosystems in an Australian context.

This specialised program based at the Albury-Wodonga campus is supported by scientists at the co-located Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre and local natural resource managers.

Learn the essentials of population, community and conservation ecology with an emphasis on freshwater ecosystems and management of our natural resources including water treatment for human use.

Career opportunities

Graduates are prepared for careers in catchment management, waste management, and natural resource management. You can work in government organisations, research institutes and private industry, including biotechnology, conservation, ecology, horticulture and agriculture. You will be uniquely prepared to help employers, politicians and communities confront the problems facing any ecosystem.

Short courses

We also offer single subject study. Visit our short courses page to find out more.